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  1. lance

    Sleeved 2.0L EK4 2000 Facelift (235bhp/170tq)

    Have anymore pics?
  2. lance

    Will's CivicTurboJordan(new regas)

    the rocker cover needed a refurb. was on my to do list. what time did u run ?
  3. lance

    Your bum likes this.

    looks nice! but what are those pussy weights? XD
  4. lance

    EK9 in Hong Kong

    i dont really think EK9 is very justifiable in HK. being a small place, and you will most likely get stopped by the police over there at every chance they get. but if u do, please take me for a run in the moutains :D
  5. lance

    EK9 in Hong Kong

    ;) -
  6. lance

    CW Facelift EK9 SOLD

    nice price for this! why hasnt it gone? id drop you a pm if i could sell my current car...glwts
  7. lance

    wanted rays te37 or ce28 wheels

    where did u get those from ?
  8. lance

    some pics of my EG6 SIR II, EF9 SIR II, FERIO VI-RS

    i want that carbon tailgate! :(
  9. lance

    Best tyres for 15" on my Jordan

    rainsport uniroyals are good
  10. lance

    Monster Unit track night 2013

    what did the turbo ek9 win?
  11. lance

    Volk Bronze 15X7 TE37s

    so tempted :( any interest in a set of 16" regas 4x114?
  12. lance

    Civic eg b18c4 track build

    i like where this is going! :D
  13. lance

    Who owns this eg6 sir ?

    i wanted it :(
  14. lance

    Who owns this eg6 sir ?

    Did you buy the one with roll cage? :)
  15. lance

    Jap RB25 180SX

    very nice! i love these, just needs the kouki rears :D
  16. lance

    Pucker up moment for N. Korea

    mmm us vs n.korea and, china vs japan. nice world war there
  17. lance

    My b18c ek9!!

    LOL wtf is that EK9 with the gold bbs and stupidly tilted wing LOOOL
  18. lance

    Alex_8 new car with others * pic heavy*

    evo squad!
  19. lance

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    Saw this up for sale on dd! Thought it was too nice to be true especially at that price !
  20. lance

    15" or 16" wheels (volk, mugen, etc)

    should have kept your regas! :p