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  1. Michael Flare

    EK9 RX Not Sparking

    I think it's better to replace the whole distributor.
  2. Michael Flare

    Wiring mess / advices

    What engine do you have exactly? Yes, ideally you would get a OBD2A engine harness and plug into ECU with the OBD2A to OBD2B conversion adapter. All 3 types of ECUs can use the exact same distributor. However, different year distributors will only match with the corresponding engine harness...
  3. Michael Flare

    Wiring mess / advices

    Your solution should be very simple. I wanted to let you konw some stuff first. ALL OBD1/OBD2A/OBD2B are 3 plug connectors at the ECU. The OBD1/OBD2A engine harnesses will provide all 3 connectors through the firewall at the kick panel for the ECUs. Don't ask me why Honda made it so complicated...
  4. Michael Flare

    99-00 OBD2B Dash Wiring Issue

    I did this exact conversion and I know EXACTLY your problem. I had the same issue and fixed it. The RHD rear cabin harness has different pinouts than the LHD rear cabin harness; I have absolutely no idea why Honda would ever do this but they did. The colors are still CORRECT but the location of...
  5. Michael Flare

    EK9 Pre-facelift Headlights Query

    I have baked open (fully dismantle) about 6 different authentic Honda pairs of pre-facelift EK headlights including real EK9 Type R ones too. I have NEVER been able to find the part number engraved ANYWHERE from the clear lens to the back of the plastic mirror domes to the inside of the gray...
  6. Michael Flare

    Fitting A pillar trims .

    There is no clips at the very edges along the windshield. I have removed this pillar many times for security system modding, and I have always inserted the lowest part at the dash first and then smacking the trimming along the way up with my hands for the clips. Make sure there's no wires that...
  7. Michael Flare

    steam coming from overflow reservoir with temperature staying normal.

    Can you do a pressure test on your radiator and see if you have a leak?
  8. Michael Flare

    Replacement ek9 carpet - does anyone know this?

    Yes, OEM is maroon Red (same looking red as the OEM Type R valve cover and Recaro seats).
  9. Michael Flare

    Replacement ek9 carpet - does anyone know this?

    I don't drive my car often at all but I'll take a photo and show you next time I drive the car.
  10. Michael Flare

    Replacement ek9 carpet - does anyone know this?

    It looks amazing! The fitment obviously isn't perfect especially on the edges because it curls up but when you install it and all the car interior panels lay over the carpet edge, you can't even tell! Obviously the color is more bright red than the OEM darker red but that's okay.
  11. Michael Flare

    Replacement ek9 carpet - does anyone know this?

    I think I have this exact one for my car, why?
  12. Michael Flare

    EK breaking up badly - Ignition issue?

    The white build up quickly is completely normal. It's very similar to the white build up on spark plug tips. It's going to happen as soon as it's used.
  13. Michael Flare

    Ek9 carpet

    If you don't want the used OEM ones ,then I highly suggest you get the expensive aftermarket ones like these. Theres a few listings I see that are from Turkey. The quality is so good for aftermarket and it's the next best thing to OEM look & quality. Of coures eBay always has the used OEM ones...
  14. Michael Flare

    TCS and Remote Start

    What car is this? I've never seen anyone talk about TCS on an EK or refer an ECU and PCM on an EK either (even though it's the same thing).
  15. Michael Flare

    New Owner in the States!

    I think I saw your POV video on YouTube yesterday.
  16. Michael Flare

    Rough StartUp

    I just watched the video. You're talking about that very short grind right before the engine actually stays running? That is most likely a worn out starter. It's not a big deal. The teeth are just a little worn out. It doesn't affect the drivng at all but it will eventually wear out enough to...
  17. Michael Flare

    Rough StartUp

    It'll be a lot easier if you took a video of it for us to see and listen.
  18. Michael Flare

    Issue with EM1 door window

    You need to use a voltmeter or some sort of electrical power tester to see if the wires going window motor is getting power. If it is not, then you need to replace the window motor. Do you hear any sounds when you try to roll up the window with the switch? If you hear something, then the window...
  19. Michael Flare

    speedo not working

    Now, I feel like the wires got stretched out and ripped somewhere when you did the gearbox swap. The chances of both sensors going bad is very very slim.