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  1. Pinguim

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    Nice Buildup!
  2. Pinguim

    Max's B20 Ek9 2000 C/W

    It´s got to be very well mapped to rev that the block stock?
  3. Pinguim

    70mph oh **** moment

    I´ve noticed that after the "Oh **** Moment" you´ve Grabbed harder the Steering Weel! What happened...the car just lost rear traction?
  4. Pinguim

    my new ride

    Can´t see any pic :(
  5. Pinguim

    ViTO + Brother's JDM White CRX B18 Build

    WOW! Please don´t change anything in the exterior! Keep it "Stealthy" ;) Congratulations
  6. Pinguim

    My Milano Red EK4 Project

    WOW! Such hard work as paid off! Very nice project indeed ;)
  7. Pinguim

    1990 Civic EF9 SIR II

    Magnificent car...keep it as it is!
  8. Pinguim

    New Cl1 Accord EuroR

    X2 here! I think i would add a good set of headers and b-pipe, Bigger TB, Induction Kit and a Remap!
  9. Pinguim

    Finally restored my JDM EF7 CRX, enjoy

    Didn´t see any pic with the wheels that came with the car...but for me, that interior would remained untouched :) Beautiful car mate, congrat´s!
  10. Pinguim

    my old stanced ej9

    To be honnest your EJ9 is perfect in the outside. The value of that rims should be enough to buy a B16B and ask the boy to fit it in... Just my 5 cents :nice: P.s - The Pup is BEAUTIFUL! Congrat´s
  11. Pinguim

    Paul J Smith Photography - Deans96R EK

    You´ve got a new Fan and follower in FB! Keep it up ;)
  12. Pinguim

    Civic Type R [replica]

    Get OEM Mirrors and put an "H" in the center caps! Nice work ;)
  13. Pinguim

    Nunos turbo ek take 2

    If i wasn´t in Portugal, i´ve Kicked your ass twice, just to see the project finished! Continua Pá! Um Abraço de um Nuno para Outro!
  14. Pinguim

    my pw ek9 60 mph roll

    Yellow Civic + B18 Sounds like a freakin´ Bumblebee! :nice:
  15. Pinguim

    **nuno's dc5 from florida usa**

    Oh ok! You can call me Nuno anytime, it´s my real Name ;) Keep it up :nice:
  16. Pinguim

    b16b head on b20b block WHICH CAMSHAFTS???

    X2 Looks like an ordinary LS/VTEC build... if you´re gonna use it in the streets, and if the B16B Head is complete, leave it as it is and beware of the Rev Range...Cheers.
  17. Pinguim

    Difference between b16b and b18c injectors

    Thank you kulo :nice:
  18. Pinguim

    Difference between b16b and b18c injectors

    What about B16A2 and B16B?
  19. Pinguim

    **nuno's dc5 from florida usa**

    Great project! White Rega´s + Black Teg = WIN! Nuno is a very Portuguese name...
  20. Pinguim

    Nice example of how good the 9's suspention is out of the factory (vid)

    I just love the almost perfect balance in the EK9...trully shows that the Type-R is completly different from any other EK Period! Thank´s for the sharing ;)