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  1. Matt87

    EK9 Rolling Restoration

    This is epic! I love a good build thread
  2. Matt87

    Anyone interested in a small meet?

    Pete's meets
  3. Matt87

    282mm upgrade on ek4

    Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Matt87

    282mm upgrade on ek4

    Yeah what Pete said. I have a ej9 with a 262 brake and hub conversion off a EK4. The pedal feel is soft even though it's been vacuum bled several times. New pads front and rear. Still have drums at the rear.
  5. Matt87

    282mm upgrade on ek4

    Can I not use a master cylinder EK4 without installing rear discs? I'd rather not go through that effort
  6. Matt87

    282mm upgrade on ek4

    Just to revive an old thread. Save starting a new. Struggling to find any info on this. I have an ej9 without abs and rear drum. I've have vti front hubs and brakes and I'm upgrading the master cylinder to a 1inch of a mb6 Question, does anyone know if i need to upgrade the servo (brake...
  7. Matt87

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

  8. Matt87

    SSB EK4 ‘kanjo’ inspired

    Pete knows all about rebuilds He's done it 3 times
  9. Matt87

    Who's still about?

    I'm still here ...even still have the same car!
  10. Matt87


    What's left?
  11. Matt87

    Ferodo DS2500 Fitment issue Help

    I image the DC2 has a different carrier size to the EK's The Em1 and EK4 have the same carriers as far as I'm aware
  12. Matt87

    Help needed please

    There's a buying guide on here in the general section. Main things to look out for are rust on the rear arches and sills. Also worn syncros in reverse, 1st and 3rd
  13. Matt87

    Anyone change their alternator?

    Awesome, I thought that was the case. Cheers guys
  14. Matt87

    Anyone change their alternator?

    Evening all, Was wondering if anyone's had a crack at changing the alternator on their B series? If so, how did you go about it? Did have to remove a driveshaft?
  15. Matt87

    Engine noise any ideas? Help needed

    Have you tried rubbing the lobes?
  16. Matt87

    JDM/adjustable Decat

    Could be right mate. Cheapest new i can find is £58. Custom is £60. An adjustable would do the trick though for sure
  17. Matt87

    JDM/adjustable Decat

  18. Matt87

    JDM/adjustable Decat

    Hi guys, Looking for a JDM/adjustable decat. 2.5" collector and 2.25" exit Cheers
  19. Matt87

    2.5" to 2.25" decat

    *bump* Still hunting guys
  20. Matt87

    2.5" to 2.25" decat

    Hi all, Looking for an JDM/adjustable decat so i can fit my vibrant mani. Cheers Matt