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    Kswap problem

    Not sure if you have already sorted this or not, but when I did my swap on my EK I used the DC2/EG front subframe, LCAs and front forks. The DC2/EG front fork will work with your coilovers made for the EK chassis (I didn't change mine when doing the swap). I think the main difference between...
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    B16a2 swap error code 14 - Help?

    I'm guessing the OP is in the UK or EU. Over here the B16A2 came in OBD2A and OBD2B cars (A for pre facelift cars, and B for facelift) Mostly likely using an OBD1 ECU like a P28 that can be chipped, as such has a jumper harness to run the ECU in the OBD2A car harness.
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    SSB EK4 ‘kanjo’ inspired

    Sounds about right to be honest. If you want/need a better understanding of geometry and how different components affect the car take a look at Honed Developments website and instagram page. They do some awesome explanations of their own products and geometry setups in general, all in layman's...
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    Gary The Glanza

    Quality cars, always loved these when they've got all the right parts like this one :cool: Out of curiosity what lift is that you're using? Don't suppose you have a link? Looks ideal for what I'm after, fed up of jack my car up and using axle stands. :nono: The "quick jack" systems don't seem...
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    Regamaster Evo /Spoon clear stock Ek9 calipers ?

    Need to know the width of the regamasters? Without knowing though, I would be pretty certain they should fit . OEM ek9 wheels are 15X6 +50. If you're using +42 the spokes should have more clearance between it and the caliper.
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    Mugen Replicas

    You won't find any Mugen MF8/10's new now as they're discontinued . But there are plenty of people out there who import wheels from Japan and will ship worldwide . What size, PCD etc do you need? Rota have split opinions but I don't believe there's any phyical problems with their wheels and...
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    EK9 Spoon ECU or Programmable ECU with B16B basemap

    I had a Spoon ECU on my DC2 (98 spec specific) for about a month before I took it off . There doesn't seem to be enough definitive info out there on what exactly the Spoon ECU is set up for, just speculation . Where it did lower the VTEC engagement point a few hundred rpm, it didn't actually do...
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    Shock Absorbers

    Depends what your budget is and what you'll be using the car for. Bilstein make very good suspension. If you just want a shock absorber replacement there's not an awful lot out there compared to coilovers. Other options if you can find a set are Mugen and Spoon shocks (they come with springs)...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Yeah possibly, I couldn't say for certain that there aren't too many damaged fins. I would guess not though. There is however an A/C condensor in front of it still . Just to reiterate, I hit 125 after 10 minutes of driving the car 85% flat out. When I'm on the motorway driving at 70mph...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Ah sorry, yeah I'm with you now. Forgot the type R engines have the OEM oil coolers. Is that just in general that the coolers aren't up to the job for track use? Or maybe there is something at fault with my individual car? So potentially if I got an aftermarket radiator I may see cooler oil...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    No sorry, I should have said 125degrees was my oil temperature. My coolant temp has never gone past 100. Steady at about 95 usually . Oh okay, not really too comparable with b series Vs a frank haha So is that oil fully synthetic? The Fuchs I use is ester fully synthetic so not sure if there...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    That's interesting to hear, as you would automatically think the reverse of that. Do you still have a B18 with 280hp?! Or are you K swapped? Small update, changed the oil and filter out for the 10W50. Went for a drive and still experiencing the same issues. Within 10 minutes of VTEC at various...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Yeah testing is all I can do until I find a solution. May need a cooler may not. Yeah I'm on stock radiator etc, but my coolant has never got above 95. Only thing I want to change possibly is to take the oil temp reading from the sump. I'm not too keen on drilling into a spoon sump though...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Sure is man! We all live 20 minutes down the road from him and been getting covers done for quite a few years now so know him quite well. Good thing is he's been to the ring loads before as well. :)
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    I've been running Fuchs Titan Pro S in 5W40 which is ester but fully synthetic. I don't know what it is about my car but its running way too hot for some reason. I even have heat barrier tape between the sump and exhaust manifold. T.he gauges are brand new so no reason it should be a false...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    I've been back a week and already want to go back! :beer: haha Regarding the oil, this was advised to me after a lengthy chat with Opie Oils. What I will most likely do is run this oil for a while until I get the cooler sorted then change back down to 10W40. Will see how the car behaves with...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Following on with a more recent update, I finally got my summer leave off work confirmed just in time to be able to tag along with a few mates on a trip to the Nurburgring!:dance::)) My 'Ring prep' consisted of an oil and filter chnage along with a brand new Fujitsubo RM01A exhaust as my...
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    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Big update from me. (Picture heavy) I've neglected this site a bit since I got back to the UK, as I've discovered the wonders of Instagram. lol I was eventually persuaded to open an account by my mates after years of insisting that I don't take good enough quality photos for it. I'm glad I use...
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    Engine Cooling Upgrades - Help Needed

    Ah seriously! :( Presume you did that after Mimms? What's your impulse to do with the engine then? Get a new one of fix it?
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    Engine Cooling Upgrades - Help Needed

    I'm in the same situation. Installed gauges before going on Combe. Was absolutely roasting at nearly 30°c in the middle of the day. After about 2-3 laps I was getting mega hot oil temps. Quite often around 120°c, at one point I hadn't noticed and it was up near 130°c! However my water temp never...