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  1. jugbugz

    Spoon 11,000rpm EK9 Cluster or MUGEN 240km cluster.

    I need one please. :D
  2. jugbugz

    Plate diff oil to use?

    After you give it a go, try some Amsoil MTF. This worked wonders for me. I'm using a Wavetrac LSD. My gearshifts are also silky smooth like the k series from using this fluid.
  3. jugbugz

    Grease Release Bearing Sleeve

    wow... You need to put 'high pressure grease'. Putting the wrong grease will make things go bad. One of those very apparently problems is a heavier and unsmooth clutch pedal feel. If you put the correct grease, a stage 3 clutch kit will give factory weight pedal feel.
  4. jugbugz

    Another "What Gearbox Oil Should I Use" Thread

    Honda MTF doesn't solve the crunching and grinding problems all B series transmissions have. I used Honda MTF when I replaced all my synchros and I was not impressed until I filled up with Amsoil MTF. It is now silky smooth like the K series.
  5. jugbugz

    4.4FD vs 4.785FD

    I remember the difference between 4.7 and 4.9 @ 100kmph in 5th gear is only 300rpms. It was 3700rpm @ 100kmph. Acceleration was nice when you had to overtake over 100kmph.
  6. jugbugz

    EK9 N1 Pulley

    on point!
  7. jugbugz


    Stroking the motor to 1.9-2.0 is more cost effective and proven to work very well. If you're contrasting it to resleeving the block, then you've already answered your question that it would be too expensive. Then it will lead you to question yourself why you didn't just do a kswap and get the...
  8. jugbugz


    Stroking it to 2.0 is more reliable than boring it out to 84-85mm. Still rev to 8500 all day
  9. jugbugz

    4.4FD vs 4.785FD

    You won't notice much with 4.7 If you're going for the simple budget route of upgrading your gearset, go for 4.9. For the effort, it's either you go for a 4.9fd or a shorter gearset kit. Great time to put new synchros in as well.
  10. jugbugz


    You can use your existing engine to build a 1.9-2.0. Longer stroke custom crank, rods and pistons. Have the block honed to fit pistons. Huge exercise as you would like to increase the head port size to optimise flow and other supporting mods, especially tune. Rev it to 8500 all day.
  11. jugbugz

    torque specs for rocker cover

    Oem style bolts all round 9.8nm cold It's important to get all 8 points tightened to spec to avoid unnecessary damage to the threads. It also applies the correct balance just like your wheel nuts.
  12. jugbugz

    Best engine mounts

    You should change the 3 main mounts to a level up to street upgrade. Innovative mounts are more than adequate. The 2 little ones on the front sides can be left OEM :)
  13. jugbugz


    For cold countries that have snow. Prevent ice up.
  14. jugbugz

    Bigger throttle bodies B series only

    Not over an ITR 62mm Tb. You dont need it. Lowers street drivability. Only time you need one is when you have a high comp big cammed B18. Still I wouldnt exceed 65mm
  15. jugbugz

    Conversion harness.... which one?

    Rywire and chasebays
  16. jugbugz

    K24 17" Wheel Setup

    K24 in an EK would probably prefer longer gearing to get the power down.
  17. jugbugz

    Advice/help needed!! K24/k20 swap

    Check your camshaft cam gear bolt. The single 14mm bolt. If it wasnt tightened properly, it could have snapped the camshaft wedge key.
  18. jugbugz

    TPS issue

    Try reverting to the original Tb with the same TPS. Calibrate the closed voltage first and see if your car starts. What ECU u running? You shouldnt have to touch anything else if the swap gave you the problem.
  19. jugbugz

    B18cr High comp build? Info and Help please :-)

    B18 prefer more lift and less duration cams to make more power. Long stroke/short rods dont like more duration and makes peak power lower in rpms(7800).
  20. jugbugz

    Amsoil - Stock clearance

    Amsoil is the best