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    k20a lsd

    Hello, i'm looking for a lsd for a k20a gearbox. I prefer a genuine k20a lsd. Please send pm with price including shipping to the Netherlands. With kind regards. Aad
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    dss k swap axles

    Thank you for the attention but the insane shafts are poor quality. The 500hp shafts has broken with 292whp.
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    dss k swap axles

    Hello, looking for a set axles for k swapped ek. prefer the dss axles 2.9. With kind regards
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    ek9 exhaust 2.5" or above

    I have a 3" custom made exhaust system with 2 vibrant muflers and v bands.
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    K swap DSS2.9 axles or any other uprated driveshafts

    Insane shaft are not that good, broke one on 300whp and they should be up to 500whp. I use oem shafts, works perfectly.
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    **Wanted**Spoon struts,plug cover + more

    I have both spoon braces.
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    Tein coilovers , k swap parts for eg

    I have a ape header 4-1 design and hondata kpro could do change with ecu.
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    aad with his ek4 from holland

    Thank you, looks stock at the outside but under the hood there has been done a lot. @zero9 Bedankt man
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    aad with his ek4 from holland

    No more b series for me, have a k20a2 swapped. Here a clip of the dyno run:
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    Kswap - The real costs.

    it cost me total about 6000 euro, but without a rbc and hybrid racing throttle body it will be around 5500 euro.
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    bucket seat rails

    to the top, still no passenger rail. Driver rail is recieved.
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    bucket seat rails

    Hello, I'm looking for a pair of bucket seat rails like the buddyclub rails. Max £150 to spend. If someone what's to help, i know a good pair in brixham for £100. If someone whats to help me and make £50 easy. Ship to the Netherlands With kind regards
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    ek passenger seat

    I have a black recaro sr3
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    buying a k20 ek

    Didn't red the owner want's a charger, for na it's a must have. Said nothing
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    K swap harness

    You need the complete engine harness and a conversion harness for your car. The stoch dash harness need to be in place in your car.
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    buying a k20 ek

    It doesn't even has a rbc intake. That is a must have for a k20. After installing a rbc you have to map the ecu again. Keep that in your mind! That will be another £500 complete.
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    Kswap parts

    You don't need a ktuned radiator. I can deliver a new fullsize radiator for £150 excluding delivery. Lot cheaper. Plm headers for a good price and parts from karcepts and hybrid racing are also possible. You're right they make here silly profit. Just look further than the swap parts.
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    Ek9 rails/low position rails/left side bucket rail

    But they don't fit a ek9 recaro i believe so. And i only need the left rail.
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    Kswap parts

    I can deliver many goods from Hybrid racing and karcepts