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  1. Big Mike

    Your Civic, R3 ASV, is this for sale?

    Your Civic, R3 ASV, is this for sale?
  2. Big Mike

    Good Luck with the new car mate! Hope it treats you how it treated me!

    Good Luck with the new car mate! Hope it treats you how it treated me!
  3. Big Mike

    Ek4 Dash Lights

    Just bought some T5's! I already have a T10 LED plugged in the hole though, So I'll take some pictures when I have put the T5's in and upload them here! Big Mike
  4. Big Mike

    Ek4 Dash Lights

    Awesome! That's pretty cool, When you do it post some pictures let me see how it goes? Also how many would you recommend buying? Thanks Mate, Michael
  5. Big Mike

    Ek4 Dash Lights

    Yeah, That is what I was worried about, I really didn't know if they'd be too bright or not, because there was One LED behind the speedometer that was the normal Bulb Size, so I put that in and that looks fine, but I do need a subtle light to shine onto the Dials, If the bulb I put in the...
  6. Big Mike

    Ek4 Dash Lights

    Hey everyone, So I searched around, and am Changing the lights in my car from them nasty yellow ones to some white LED's I've successfully done the easy bits like, Boot light, Interior Door Light, and that interior one with the Two Festoons, but I realised that my Dash isn't that bright...
  7. Big Mike


    Bought 20x Closed Chrome Lug nuts off of Bl!tZ, Ordered them on Sunday, arrived Tuesday. Amazingly fast, Nuts were in great quality and they were cheap! Would definitely buy more off him
  8. Big Mike


    Hey Simon, Welcome! Nice looking EK, looks clean, Hope to see more pictures of your future car! :) Big Mike
  9. Big Mike

    Mass Airflow Sensor

    Just to let you all know that A lot of the sensors were ****ed, eg, Knock Sensor, o2 Sensor, Radiator Sensor; I bought a new radiator sensor, got a new ecu, loom and that, This ECU has launch control and a shift light! (my engine light pops on at around 8000 :D)
  10. Big Mike

    Mass Airflow Sensor

    :/ Darn, I'm not quite sure what to do about the hunting then, he said he checked for air leaks and couldn't find anything, so it "must have been the iacv"
  11. Big Mike

    Mass Airflow Sensor

    So, I checked the IACV, and cleaned it, it... KIND of fixed the problem , it now warms up then starts to do it, a Mechanic guessed that I would need a new IACV, I saw one on Ebay for a D16z6 Engine, I have a B16c, If I bought it, would there be any downside to getting this? Thanks,
  12. Big Mike

    Mass Airflow Sensor

    Thanks for that Puggie, I'll definitely give that a go!
  13. Big Mike

    Mass Airflow Sensor

    I'll give that a go when I get home mate, see if it works, Thanks
  14. Big Mike

    Mass Airflow Sensor

    Hey guys, So my civic keeps on "hunting" where it will be at quite high revvs when I turn it on, then after I give it any sort of acceleration, it will start to rev high then drop back down, Everyone is saying I need a new airflow sensor, However I have no idea where to get one? Do...
  15. Big Mike

    S2000 Dashboard

    Oh thanks mate, I tried Searching, But I couldn't find anything. Must have not looked hard enough, Thanks
  16. Big Mike

    painting plastics on my ej9

    I'm not a professional sprayer, but I did a decent job on my Bonnet; sand it down evenly with a not so Rough grit paper preferably wet and Dry, so P1000 grit wet and dry, Then clean off all the dust and particles, then give it a primer; Usually white, and don't use cheap spray, I used...
  17. Big Mike

    Quick Update

    Okay! So after getting the delicious Enkei's off of Darragh, (thanks a lot by the way) I fitted them, and bought some Tyres, and the Suspension, I went with a width of 50 because they didn't have 45's in Stock, and I couldn't be bothered to wait a week. I fitted them and here they are...
  18. Big Mike

    S2000 Dashboard

    Hey guys, I was thinking about getting a Honda S2000 Dash in my Civic, I was wondering if any of you knew what I would have to get to convert it so it will work with my ECU? Thanks Guys Michael :please:
  19. Big Mike

    Remove the old Fork

    Guys! It worked so easily! Changed both suspension forks in like 20 minutes, Great help Thanks guys!
  20. Big Mike

    Anyone plays on steam??

    dragonking911 - Don't judge...