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    Can anyone give advice ?

    Hey peeps I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove a ep3 type r seat cover ?.As my drivers seat is worn,in order to get it repaired I have to remove it but I'm not sure how to remove it around the red headrest area ??
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    Ep3 gear gaitor wanted

    Hi peeps I'm looking for a gear gaitor for my ep3 is there anyone around Edinburgh selling one? I can pick up no problem
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    car insurance. why so high..?

    hi all finally getting a type R wohoo.Picking it up on friday,its a 2002 ep3,only bad thing is trying to get car insurance the best offer i got was 1600 fully comp for the year,not including a £450 deposit, im 23, have been driving for 3 and a half years,and have 3 years no claims,Does anyone...
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    M O T failer..?

    hi all i just got a a civic today decided to sell my jordan and just noticed my it has a hole in the floor,drivers side just inder the side skirt ,close to the jacking point.Will this fail its next mot...? and can it be filled then under sealed .Or welded advice needed plz..?
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    your opinion needed

    hi was wondering what any of you jordan owners think of the interior..? to be honest i dont really like it,if i was to strip it out and change it,would it look odd,what do you guys think..?
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    exhaust system wanted

    hi does anyone have any exhausts for sale that would fit my jordan,dont mind picking up from anywhere in scotland,and dont mind what kind ?
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    drivers door clicking

    hi all was wondering if i could get a bit of advive.not sure if anyone else has had this problem but my drivers door clicks everytime i open it does anyone know what the problem could be and if it can be solved ..?
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    my civic jordan

    hi peeps just thought id some pics of my civic jordan , number 305 only had it 4 a few weeks hoping to have it nice 4 next summer :)]
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    cat back system wanted

    hi is there anyone in scotland selling a full ss system that will fit a civic jordan :D..?
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    key fob brocken.?

    hi does anyone know if my key fob could be repared or replaced as the plastic at the top has broken off, and now i cant get it onto my key ring without it falling off any ideas would help alot anyone ...? :)
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    smoke in vtec

    hi needing a little advice on my car the, other day when i finished work i started up my car to let it warm up for a gd 25 mins before i drove it. As i started to drive it all was gd untill i got into vtec it was pretty smokey not black smoke or anything, and i thought is this right is it ...
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    induction kit wanted

    hi is anyone selling an induction kit that would fit my jordan ? i stay in the east of scotland ..?
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    is my car an import..?

    Hi guys i just bought a honda civic jordan yesterday and took it to the garage to get it checked out the guy took the registration number of the car to search for the correct parts i needed, and it came up on the computer as a jap import i told the guy that jordans are not imports so he spoke to...
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    honda civic jordan

    hi all ive just bought a civic jordan number 305 is there many ppl on here that drive one ? not sure how many are left any ideas anyone..?