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    EK9 suspension

    Hi guys, As titled I am after the OEM EK9 shocks and springs (ideally just the front).
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    Power Steering Pump ?

    Morning All, I am after some advice and hope you can help. Over the past couple of months my car has developed a strange noise. The noise is noticeable as soon as I start the car. I have posted a video below, is any one able to provide any assistance?
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    Forza-5 EK9

    I thought I would show you all a few quick in game snaps of the EK9 in Forza 5.
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    OEM EK9 headlight

    I am after a replacement drivers side head lamp for my 1997 EK9 pre face lift. The part number is 33101-S04-305. Lings want £280.64 and Tegiwa want the same.:nerv: Does any one know if I can get one cheaper else where (Ideally after new headlight unit) ? Any help would be appreciated.
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    The Crew 2014

    Always wanted something like this since the Need For Speed Underground's The Crew - E3 2013 - Announcement Trailer [UK] - YouTube The Crew - E3 2013 - Commented Walkthrough [UK] - YouTube
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    EK9 Mats

    After a set of EK9 mats in good condition. What have people got ?
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    Advice please…

    Currently I am using my EK9 as a daily. However I have now got my eye on a daily car that I want to purchase. My EK9 is currently insured until the 15 April 2013, which is when I get 3 years NCB. If I get a daily I would have to take out a new policy based on 2 years NCB as it currently...
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    South Mimms Honda Meet Part 1. 14th April 2013

    South Mimms Honda meet in conjunction with Endless Horizon Motorsport, Honda Culture and Civiclife. I don't think this event needs much write up as im sure most of you have seen the youtube videos. Who is going to South Mimms this year ?!/events/136024669887109/
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    Bluewater Jap Meet 7th December

    Bluewater jap meet 7th December 2012 MEET STARTS @ 20:00 We have permission to have the meets at Bluewater so please don't mess around so we lose the location.. The meet is in the Yellow car park ie Cinema car park middle level meet starts @20:00pm till late. Post code is DA99ST...
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    Help please ?

    Okay over the past few weeks I have been having a problem changing gears. For example.. I was at the lights and go to get first only for it not to go in. I have to go to second then up to first for it work. If I keep the clutch down put it back in to neutral then go up to first it will go in...
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    CW EK9 Lakeside GP

    Was taking pictures with an Audi and another Civic, by the multi storey car parks.
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    My EK9

    Was at lakeside on saturday and found this great spot for a few picture. Enjoy. DSC_0011 by m11ler DSC_0008edit by m11ler, on Flickr
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    Type R EK9 Review

    I apologise if this is a repost. CIVC TYPE-R EK9 test drive PANNALA SRI LANKA Ishraq Wahab - YouTube
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    Brake pad help?

    I need to replace my pads on the front and rear. Whats ones (road/fast road) will fit directly in to standard EK9 Calliper ?
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    New To EK9

    Back in February I took the plunge to buy an EK9. Took a trip up to reading to pick this up off Dunx. Recent pictures take at Bluewater. James' Type R by m11ler, DSC_0072edit by m11ler, on Flickr DSC_0090edit by m11ler, on Flickr DSC_0083edit by m11ler, on Flickr
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    Front wing replacement

    Will any Honda Civic 96 – 98 3 door hatch back front wing fit, unmodified, on to my Honda Civic 97 Type R?:please: I have tried searching but couldn’t find an answer.
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    EK9 at MCE

    White ek9 type r @ medway city estate around about 10:30. Who was it ? BTW UK