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    Japfest Silverstone 2018

    I would be keen for this!
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    EK9 suspension

    Hi guys, As titled I am after the OEM EK9 shocks and springs (ideally just the front).
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    Photos on a clear night

    Looks sooo clean, how long did it stay like that? I would be interested in a meet.
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    New to site from California 1996 & 2000 civic hb

    :welcome: A very nice collection of clean Hondas
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    Distinct lack of cars for sale!

    It will be like waiting for a bus none for a while then a few will turn up.
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    Want your photo on the Facebook Page?

    The original and also my edited version.
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    Power Steering Pump ?

    Morning All, I am after some advice and hope you can help. Over the past couple of months my car has developed a strange noise. The noise is noticeable as soon as I start the car. I have posted a video below, is any one able to provide any assistance?
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    Civic Type R
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    innovative mounts. urgent!

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    Quick engine mount question

    Did you find an answer ?
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    Whats your Xmas 2014 gift for your Honda?

    engine mounts ....... (Shame I missed out on the deal Tegiwa had!!)
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    hiya :)

    Welcome :)
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    Welcome mate are you from Maidstone Kent ? if so I am not that far away.

    Welcome mate are you from Maidstone Kent ? if so I am not that far away.
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    Hi people

  16. J Offical Instagram

    I guess if it was official we would have been on here told before hand ?
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    Buying an EK9 - Overpriced?

    I do agree that it is overpriced however, it is worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it. Given the age of them now it might get to a point where you have to pay the price to get the one you are after.... IMO
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    Torque Mounts LOL

    Sounds like I need to get mine done soon.
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    Hello from Kent!

    Welcome :)