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    #618 Autocross EK

    Hey All, I just thought I'd post up some pictures of my autocross EK. It is a fully swapped Type R replica in the US, other than I kept it LHD. Using a LHD platform and keeping it LHD makes it legal for SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) competition in SMF Class. Here are the latest...
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    EK9 CTR Cluster KM/H to MPH Overlay

    *Not sure how many people on here would find this useful, but there may be a few interested* Hey Everyone, I recently reached out to a company in the UK about having a custom gauge cluster overlay made for my CTR cluster. While it is not that huge of a deal to live with driving a KM/H...
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    The BME #618 LHD CTR Build

    Hey everyone, I'm getting a bit antsy about my latest transaction and couldn't help getting the ball rolling with my newest journal. Background I have always been an admirer of the EK9 CTR, and have long yearned for the chance to own one. But being from the US, we never had the luxury of having...