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  1. Turfy

    Requestr: Original part number for an EK9 Rx Headlight bulb & indicator bulb?

    Original part number for an EK9 Rx Headlight bulb & indicator bulb? Indicator Bulb: Headlight Bulb
  2. Turfy

    15 inch Sprint Hart CPR 5x114.3 7j +40 & 6.5j + 45 Price Drop

    Item for sale: 15 inch Sprint Hart CPR 5x114.3 7j +40 & 6.5j + 45 Reputation: Price: 700euro Paypal: Yes Location: Ireland Condition: Used Description: Wheels are in good condition. No Tyres One wheel was slightly damaged during...
  3. Turfy

    WTD - Facelift Ek4 SiR

    Hi all, On the lookout for another EK4 SiR, Facelift. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Niall
  4. Turfy

    WTD: Full OEM EK9 Exhaust

    I'm looking for a full OEM ek9 exhaust, Let me know what you have, Thanks, Niall
  5. Turfy

    Original Owner in Japan

    Hi all, Was browsing around the headunit in the EK9Rx and found a frequently travelled locations section. The head unit is still in Japanese so i had to use google translate. I found this - Original Owner in Japan lived at 8 Miyanishicho Nishinomiya City Hyogo Prefecture. This was set as...
  6. Turfy

    Wanted: Spoon/Mugen/Js Racing

    Hi all, Looking to extend the collection. Has anyone got any nice bits from Spoon/Mugen/Js Racing etc they would part with? Many thanks, Niall
  7. Turfy

    Wanted: Discontinued EK9 Parts / Honda Access Parts

    Wanted: Discontinued EK9 Parts / Honda Access Parts As above, Has anyone any parts in storage etc / sitting on a shelf they'd be willing to sell? Matts, Wind Visors, Body Panels etc etc Thanks Niall
  8. Turfy

    Turfy's 2000 Ek9 Type Rx Fresh Import :) Spoon Bonnet - SR4 Tomcats

    Hi all! In 2016 I contacted Torque-GT (Darren Keshishian) to use their Personal Import Service. I was very specific in what i wanted to get and what standards it needed to meet - ''Im looking for a 2000 Ek9 Rx. Type Rx with all Type Rx optional extra's. The more standard the car the better, I...
  9. Turfy

    WTB - UKDM DC2 Bits

    Hey all, Looking to buy some ukdm dc2 specific parts to use on my ukdm integra build, Has anyone got anything they may sell? Bumper, wings, bonnet etc interior etc. Thanks
  10. Turfy

    70mm Spoon Venturi Throttle Body

    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me what these two circular opening are in this spoon 70mm throttle body? I'm unsure as to why they are there and what they do? Thanks
  11. Turfy

    Late Registered EK9/DC2

    Hey guys, Just wondering are there any late registered Ek9's or DC2's in the UK? ie - 2001 etc or higher, I did see one thread on here where the EK9 was 1/2/2001 - Bare in mind this thread is 2009 Are there anymore around? Cheers
  12. Turfy

    Dinitrol Vs Por-15 Underseal for EK9 - Opinions?

    Going Undersealing the Ek9 in the coming week or so, Current plan is:- Wire brush on 4" grinder get it all back. Use the Rustoleums Rust Reformer, then use zinc primer to finish then use dinitrol underseal, then use some sort of stone chip coating inner arches will also be dinitrol cavity...
  13. Turfy

    Genuine EK9 Front and Rear Lips

    Item for sale: Genuine Ek9 front lip & rear lip Reputation: Price: £175 each Location: Ireland Condition: Excellent Description: Genuine Ek9 front lip & rear lip Pictures: Below Thanks
  14. Turfy

    ADVAN RG 5x114.3 15x7 +44

    5x114.3 15x7 +44 725 GBP Slight caliper rash on inner barrel of two wheels. But nothing major. Maybe 1mm deep. Overall 7-10 condition Absolutely no kerbing buckles or cracks Very very straight wheels. Decals seem to be in great order too. Have been sat in a shed for 5 years Thanks
  15. Turfy

    Wanted: 2000 Ek9 Rx

    Wanted: 2000 Ek9 Rx Been looking in ireland for a while now and nothing interests me over here, I want a low mileage exceptional condition 2000 EK9 Rx. Cash Waiting for the correct car Criteria - Champ White/ Y56 Low miles (50-60k) Exceptional 9/10 condition Original Paintwork No Rust...
  16. Turfy

    Mugen Airbox Wanted to suit ek

    As Above! EK9 Fitment! No scrap/replicas. Cash waiting Paypal etc etc
  17. Turfy

    Irish Japfest

    Hi Guys Japfest in Ireland was last week on the 27th of September. Great day out! Standard of cars there was unbelievable. Some examples below! Enjoy
  18. Turfy

    Best place to buy Genuine honda ek9 caliper rebuild kits?

    Best place to buy Genuine honda ek9 caliper rebuild kits?
  19. Turfy

    Wanted..DOHC & VTEC Decal for rear quarter/door on Ek4 sir

    The decal itself must be a single piece and not connected to the Dohc.. The ones mentioned above are suited to a coupe not a hatch.. So i need one of each.. If anyone can help me out MUST BE GENUINE HONDA
  20. Turfy


    Looking for... (Genuine only please) 15 Inch 5x114.3 te37/desmond regamaster/sprinthart cpr/cp035