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    Anybody play Assetto Corsa? My FAV racing sim.

    Hey guys, just out of curiosity, anybody here played Assetto Corsa? It's by far the best racing sim I have played, in terms of physics and force feedback.. The game is not actually out yet but you can buy it off Steam with "Early Access".. Meaning developers will keep releasing stable versions...
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    Xbox "One" Reveal - vs PS4?

    Hey guys, just made this thread to gather some opinions about the Xbox reveal yesterday.. I don't know how many of you watched the reveal conference, but I have and so far it seems disappointing to me.. they've not focused at all on gaming but made it an entertainment system for your living...
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    Car Burnout Accident - "Just Waiting for my Mate"

    LOL! I just came across this on Facebook and I thought i'd share it with you guys.. He basically gets caught by police after his accident and this is his response to the police/camera.. Just Waiting For My Mate (Original) FULL CLIP - YouTube "Legend has it that he is still waiting for...
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    Enfield - Preface EK9 R*** XBT

    Spotted a beautiful pre-face EK9 on my friends road in Enfield today.. around 2pm? From what I could tell, it had Buddy Club P1's with a red trim.. Apart from that, seemed visually stock.. Does it belong to anybody here?
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    Yellow S2000 in Hatfield

    On the way to Uni I came across a Yellow S2000 parked on the road in the Hatfield area? Pretty much next to the Uni there.. Owned by anybody here? I'd love to see more of it as I've only come across it once or twice and its turned my head every time..
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    New Daily - Not a Honda :((

    Hey guys, As some of you know, I lost my old EJ9 in a non fault accident, since then I've been on the search for another clean SE version with ABS etc, as my mother will also temporarily use the car. After 4 months of searching, I couldn't come across a single decent one so I've decided to buy...
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    A Funny GIF I found :)

    Hey guys, found this so I thought i'd share :) ENJOY! :lol::lol:
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    EK9 Being pushed to its limits around a mini Track

    Something I found and thought I should share with you guys. My apologies if it has been posted before :thanks: Łukasz Kępa - Honda CTR EK9 - SuperOes IX Runda - Tor Kielce 29-09-2012 - YouTube
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    First time 2pac heard Lil Wayne rap..

    Came across this and I thought I should share it.. Not a fan of the new rap s*** so this put that extra little bit of a grin on my face :) 2pac's 1st Time Listening To Lil Wayne! - YouTube
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    1st Gen. CIVIC K SWAP!

    Hey guys, while browsing helplessly on the web.. i came across this.. a FIRST Gen. Civic with a K series engine and i thought i should share it with all of you! :) Note: I am sharing this car to show somebody elses work and effort.. I do NOT own this car nor am i affiliated with it in any...
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    ABS or no ABS? Help :(

    Hey guys, Im in the process of buying a facelift Civic EJ9.. every model apart from the SE models(i previously had an SE, now written off) that ive seen does not have ABS.. I recently found a Civic Sport locally in my area and the Sport versions do not have ABS.. Does ABS really make that...
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    Do EJ9 Tropica's have ABS?

    Hey, as some of you know i lost my old car in a non-fault accident and right now im in the process of finding another one as a replacement, does anybody know if the "Tropica" versions of EJ9's have ABS? I read alot of people write that they dont, but then i found conversations of people saying...
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    Brothers Civic K25 *UPDATED* - 285WHP 210WTQ Torque NA

    Hey guys, this is my brothers Civic in Cyprus.. *FULL SPECS ON PAGE 3!* ER052 K25 285whp 210wtq NA Dyno - YouTube *UPDATED TO INCLUDE IN FIRST POST* ER052 K25 285whp 210wtq Run1 - YouTube ER052 K25 285whp 210wtq Run2 - YouTube And here are some pictures of her:
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    Honda Integra DC2 K24 Movie - Great Edit!

    Hey guys, found this online and thought it should be shared.. I'm not sure if it has been posted on here before but here it is: Honda integra K24 movie - YouTube
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    WTB: Civic EJ9 1.4i SE

    Hey guys, as some of you know, i recently lost my EJ9 due to a non-fault accident on the motorway.. I am now searching for another stock facelift EJ9 1.4 as a replacement.. What I mainly want is a black(sadly these are rare) EJ9 again, decent mileage and the paint job to be in a good...
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    *SOLVED* Signature not showing on posts

    Hi guys, I've recently added a signature under my account settings etc, and I have not been able to get it to show up.. things ive tried: - made new posts after confirming my settings. - made sure that "Show Signature" is ticked under each post. - looked at my profile information section...
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    Insurance Price Increase Question after accident.

    Hey guys.. I was just wandering, on Wednesday, long story cut short, my car (stock EJ9) was spun out on the motorway by a truck and completely destroyed.. If I get myself a new EJ9 what kind of insurance price increases would I be expecting? Its worthy to add that the incident was...
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    My EJ9 Totalled by a truck on the M11.. :(

    Hi guys, just wanted to add a little update.. on the way to Stanstead Airport from London.. A lorry hit me which caused me to loose control and end up on the barriers after a few impacts.. Basically he was behind me but on the 3rd lane (are lorry's even allowed on the 3rd lane??) and decided...
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    Painting CTR Replica ABS Front and Rear Lips

    Hey guys, I was just wandering, whats the average quote to get these painted? CTR Replica Facelift Front Lip CTR Replica Facelift Rear Lip CTR Replica Grill (I think all of the above are ABS plastic and already primed "ready" to paint.) Also, how hard would it be to spray paint these...
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    Hide your cars in Halloween!

    Hey guys, just a word of warning.. for the past 2 years there has been many reports of whole streets of cars being key'ed on halloween.. last year every car parked on my road instead of driveways were key'ed very several times, luckily our car was in the driveway but all the other cars on my...