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  1. cfcDUFFYcfc

    non starter after swap...

    hi posting up for my brother, he has an ek3 with a b16a2 swapped by the previous owner. last week he bought another ek3 in better condition and he swapped the engines over now the d15z6 will turn but wont start. this is his first swap so hes not too sure, he changed the ignition...
  2. cfcDUFFYcfc

    Moroso Sump.

    Hi Where is the best place to buy a Moroso sump in the UK? I can only find sites in the US and US Ebay....:angry2: Any help would be great. Cheers:nice: Duffy
  3. cfcDUFFYcfc

    difference between ek9 & dc2 diffs?

    As above, Any info would be great. Cheers Duffy
  4. cfcDUFFYcfc

    WTB : Lightened Flywheel

    as above. fitting new gearbox and clutch so im going to upgrade the flywheel. let me know what you got.:) its a b18c6+S4C. cheers:nice: Duffy
  5. cfcDUFFYcfc

    WTB: EK9 steering rack

    hey guys. I'm on the look out for a ek9 steering rack. Must be in great condition. Cheers Duffy
  6. cfcDUFFYcfc

    TNT... Robbing bast*rds

    Just a little rant, recently I sent a front lip to a member in derry NI through TNT because royal mail and parcelforce wouldn't take it saying it was too long. I booked the pick up online but there was no pricing, I booked it anyway. The next day the delivery dude arrived to collect the...
  7. cfcDUFFYcfc

    help wanted

    hi guys i was turning quickly in car park in 2nd gear when it popped out of gear. when i selected 1st and tried to pull away nothing happened just a kluncking noise. 1st 2nd and reverse all done the same, i managed to pull away in 3rd on now it seems to be running fine. all gears working...
  8. cfcDUFFYcfc

    Anyone in Inverness know this car?

    Renault : Renault Megane 225 F1 Special Edition duffy
  9. cfcDUFFYcfc

    info wanted

    Coil-On-Plug (COP) Conversion Kit - B-Series Honda Engines anyone know any info on these?? cheers duffy
  10. cfcDUFFYcfc

    WTB: B series dizzy

    as above b series dizzy needed urgently. if anyone has one for sale or knows of one sitting spare i have cash waiting. cheers duffy
  11. cfcDUFFYcfc

    LSD (not the drug)

    Hey guys, How can i tell if my LSD is damaged..? I was told towing a car with a LSD can damage it, my car was towed a couple of months ago. Car feels rather strange to drive atm... Feels loose, wanders about the road and doesn't feel as planted in the corners. I recently installed ek9 shocks...
  12. cfcDUFFYcfc

    looking for a ek3

    Hey guys and gals, I'm on the look out for a ek3 1.5 vtec. If any one knows of one being sold could they give me a shout. Preferably in the Glasgow area. Cheers Duffy
  13. cfcDUFFYcfc

    best place to buy lowering springs...?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy some lowering springs for my ek9 shocks and I'm wondering where is the best place to buy them. Any info would greatly appreciated. Cheers Duffy
  14. cfcDUFFYcfc


    If you've had dealings with me please post some comments. Cheers Duffy
  15. cfcDUFFYcfc

    ** fs.** oem facelift type r front lip 99-00.**

    Item: oem facelift type r front lip. Description: genuine oem front lip in black, a few minor scrapes on the underside but apart from that in great condition. Condition: 9/10. Price: £100. Paypal: yes. Location: Glasgow. Pic's...
  16. cfcDUFFYcfc

    HID's, illegal??

    hey guys, Got pulled by my old friends, the polis (police) for having HID's fitted to my car. they say they are illegal and gave me a £30 fine. are they illegal?? duffy
  17. cfcDUFFYcfc

    lca bolts

    As above... Cheers Duffy
  18. cfcDUFFYcfc

    window regulator

    I'm looking for a drivers side window regulator for my ek4. It's pre-facelift if that makes a difference. Lol. Cheers Duffy
  19. cfcDUFFYcfc

    Wanted. pre-facelift ek9 front and rear lips

    As above... If anyone has any for sale please PM me. Cheers Duffy
  20. cfcDUFFYcfc

    WANTED B18c exhuast manifold.

    As above.. If any one has one for sale fire me a PM with a price & pics if possible. Cheers :nice: Duffy