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    Piston to valve clearance, >> ek9 pistons skunk2 p2 cams<<

    Ive just had my engine built, Running a b18c bottom end with ek9 pistons, im running skunk2 pro2 cams Just wanted to know if anybody else has run this setup before and what the piston to valve clearance was like, before i do anything i am going to clay the engine but just to be on the...
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    *Engine rebuild, what running in procedure and oil etc?*

    my engine has just been fully rebuilt..... and before putting it back in i was wondering what running in procedures people reccomend i.ei how many miles before first oil change then 2nd one and so on....... also what grades if oil to use do i start with somehting like Millers running...
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    hi guys noob to the forum but not to the honda world! usually surf itr-dc2 and civiclife, but this forum seems kooool:D i drive a JDM ITR which used to look like this>>>>>>>> then this>>> now is fully stripped, as im making it into a high comp NA beast!! Adam
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    where can i get a backyard special badge?

    does anybody know where i can get the metal back yard special badge??? any ebay links etc??:thanks:
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    What springs and retainers with s2 p2's????????

    as title guys what are the ideal springs and retainers i should use for a set of skunk2 pro2 camshafts and are there any UK based sellers that have them in stock? Thanks
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    ATS final drive/gearbox help required

    basically i have a ATS 4.9 final drive when buying this i was told it will fit any box as long as it has a ITR LSD so i had a s9b gearbox, and i just found out that the final drive does not fit, i was going to put a 98spec 1st and a m factory 3rd in they didnt fit the s9b either as they...
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    springs and retainers

    im upgrading to stage 2 cams so i need something that will support them both used and new items considered thanks
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    **broken s80/s4c type r gearbox internals**

    again as title chapps ideally need 2nd, 4th and 5th along with the input shaft and maybe the bck casing? let me know what you got peacee
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    stage 2 cams

    as title guys let me know what you have got along with prices Cheers:))