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  1. Sam Ek9

    Wanting EK9 b18 turbo/ super charged

    Thinking about selling my Audi A5 and buying another EK9 after missing the last one I had two years ago, has anyone got any advice or feedback from importing websites or know someone who selling or thinking of selling? I've seen a website called Samourai car import, specialising with JDM cars...
  2. Sam Ek9

    Clock conversion

    looking to convert the odometer from km to mph, not clocking it just want to convert to mph as i have changed the speedo to mph, anyone know how or somewhere near staffordshire that would do it, cheers :)!
  3. Sam Ek9

    Recaro Seat Rails

    I am after a lowered drivers seat rail for a ek9, let me know what you've got :)
  4. Sam Ek9

    Recaro Seat Rails

    ive just got my ek9 on the road and i feel the seating position is too high for me, i want a lower rail for the drivers side, ive seen that buddy club and spoon do these any clues which one is better and if i can help it i dont want to be doing any welding, cheers sam :)...
  5. Sam Ek9

    Recaro Seats

    Does anyone know if Honda Integra Type R Jdm 1998 Recaro Seats and rails with fit into a civic ek9 facelift 2000 cheers sam :)
  6. Sam Ek9


    I have a ek9 with standard kph clocks, is there any chance of getting them to read in mph and is it easy ? cheers sam
  7. Sam Ek9

    Ek9 fascia

    i have a ek9 and it has no fascia in it, im looking to try and make my dash look like; anyone know where i can get one of these fascias? :thanks: sam
  8. Sam Ek9

    Dash Question

    I have been looking to get a double din fascia for my civic ek9 facelift so that i can have a single din stereo and tray underneath, i can't find where to get one, does anyone know where to get one of these ? this is what i want to do...
  9. Sam Ek9


    Does anybody know if Honda Accord type r 2001 back seats will fit into a civic ek9 facelift, or is any body selling some ek9 rear seats?