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    What to do... k20 eg/ek or ep3?

    Alright guys kind of stuck trying to make a decision on what to do... currently driving an ep3 as my daily and after a year or so it's getting pretty boring. Considered selling up and buying another ek9 but always fancied building a k series eg or ek. What's getting me is what would a k20 eg or...
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    eg civic wanted.

    As above looking for a reasonably rust free eg as possible. Mot not a problem. Can collect on a trailer, not looking for a mint 3grand car just something cheap as a base for a new project. Cheers. Lyle
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    bare b16 engine block wanted

    Looking for a bare b16 block, condition not important. Cheers, lyle
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    civic ek4/ b18 , 16 swap

    Looking to buy another civic for a track car. Condition not important. Ideally looking for an ek4 or anything else with b series swap. Not looking to spend massive money, around 1500 ish. drop me a message if you know of anything. Cheers lyle
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    ep3 handling

    Hey so recently purchased my second ep3 as my daily drive, basically it's an 04 face lift, full service history, good solid car compared to my pre face lifta few yyear's back. I've had the car a few weeks now and in general really enjoying it however I had my first pretty fast drive last night...
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    ep3 parts

    Looking for the following parts.. Exhaust system including header lsd coilovers if anyone has anything please get in touch. Thanks.lyle
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    civic type r ep3 wheel fitment

    I have just bought my second ep3 and looking at changing the wheels.. im thinking of downsizing to 16/8 if possible. Can anyone tell me if there are any issues fitting smaller wheels? I have searched elsewhere but can't seem to find any information. Thanks in advance
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    sealey wheel dollys

    for sale. sealy wheel dollys x4.only used longer needed,open to offers...
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    looking for a new project. ek9/dc2/ek4 4 door etc

    as above,looking for a new project,anything considered. just let me know what you have. cheers
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    laser engraving

    Before i start not really sure if this is the right place to put this so mods please feel free to move it if need be. So a very good freind of mine has started doing computerised laser engraving,he is able to engrave basicly anything from alloy to glass.i am going to get some parts done eg valve...
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    b18 ek9

    Hi all,after selling my vsm turbo 9 a year to fund house,new baby currently on the hunt for a resonably low milage clean b18 ek9,pre face or facelift not really fussed.i have plenty time as would just be stored over winter so have until around next march to find one.if anyone has one...
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    anyone intrested in garage space in scottish borders area?

    As above^ im in the process of renting a large unit,im looking for someone to share costs,i currently have a small garage but needing more space as im going to be breaking some hondas. If anyone is intrested drop me a pm.cheers
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    tow bar electrics

    Can anyone give me a basic explaination of how to wire up the electrics plug on a tow bar.never done one before and dont want to pay someone to do it.any help would be helpful.cheers
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    volkswagen golf gt tdi 110

    .for sale. s reg volkswagen golf gt tdi 110 .150000 miles .mot and tax for 3 months .took this as px for my old civic,great running car,55+ mpg, needs a couple of tyres on the front,have steelies on at the moment,just replaced starter motor. .looking for 1200 ono cant upload pics so drop...
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    opinions on ek4 civic saloon

    so im after some info/opinions of the ek4 saloon. thinking of buying one purely because its different plus i have a child on the way so 4 doors would be handy.:)
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    civic em2 d17a9 problem

    hi i have a em2 civic coupe 02 plate.the batery light started of flickering at high revs.tried changing the baterry and altanator and made no diference. when i turn ignition on the batery light stays on and relay for fuel pump clicks wnd em light comes on. all earths are are fine. any help much...
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    kmrc and super lap scotland at knockhill

    anyone going to this on sunday? sounds quite good.
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    civic vti em1

    as above looking for a civic em1. anything considered. not looking to spend alot as its just really for to drive to work. would also swap/px for gt tdi golf. just let me know whats about. cheers
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    black ek9 oxgangs services

    was in my girlfreinds white zetec s feista at the next pump over. looked awsome,lovely seats aswell. also had sticker. about 6ish tonight
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    baby seat in a dc2

    so recently found out i have my first baby on the way,im currently on the market for a dc2. can anyone tell me from experiance how livable this would be with a baby seat in the back? it isnt our only car in the house so wouldnt be evry day. any help would be great. cheers,lyle