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    Colby's EK9

    Ha no worries mate, I've got a standard set in the shed. They are used but in pretty goodnick!
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    What to do... k20 eg/ek or ep3?

    Alright guys kind of stuck trying to make a decision on what to do... currently driving an ep3 as my daily and after a year or so it's getting pretty boring. Considered selling up and buying another ek9 but always fancied building a k series eg or ek. What's getting me is what would a k20 eg or...
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    Colby's EK9

    What's up with your engine mounts mate? You just after some replacement standard ones or you looking for aftermarket set?
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    Jap Service Parts

    Never dealt with them but by the sound of it I'd be taking my business elsewhere. That's no way to run a business.
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    eg civic wanted.

    As above looking for a reasonably rust free eg as possible. Mot not a problem. Can collect on a trailer, not looking for a mint 3grand car just something cheap as a base for a new project. Cheers. Lyle
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    How much is my 9 worth ? :(

    Are you still considering selling up? I'd possibly be intrested in the rolling shell?
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    Colby's EK9

    Nice clean 9 there mate! Enjoy :)
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    Bushell's ej9 (New shoes, P7 )

    Looking good mate! :)
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    bare b16 engine block wanted

    you got it in one mate!:))
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    bare b16 engine block wanted

    Cheers guys, how much yous after?? Rossco dont really mind if they have been outside, I'll be cleaning it up. Not going back into a car :)
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    bare b16 engine block wanted

    Looking for a bare b16 block, condition not important. Cheers, lyle
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    Welcome! Throw some pic up :)
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    Jordan 100

    Welcome! Car looks mint mate :)
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    worth a watch - mighty revisit japan

    Pretty cool video, wish parts were that cheap here! :(
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    Bushell's ej9 (New shoes, P7 )

    Will do mate, drive a satin silver ep3, had a vsm 9 for years before I bought the ep :)
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    Bushell's ej9 (New shoes, P7 )

    Paint looks great mate, seen you around gala a few times, cool little car :)
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    New boy

    Welcome mate, fire some pics up :)
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    reliable honda spacialis garages

    Hmm not really sure about down that way, is it for servicing or tuning?
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    reliable honda spacialis garages

    Welcome, where are you located?
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    ecu help!

    Personally I know it's hassle but if you want it done properly I'd just drive the car with all your parts in a box to Henry roy get him to fit everything and tune it then fly home and fly back to collect. I know it's a bit of a nightmare but I'd be for doing that.upto you though :)