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    Single or Dual Synchros??

    I have been wanting to buy carbon synchros for my transmition JDM S4C (lsd) for Civic Type R, and for what I´ve read from our site ( transmition forum) my transmition has dual synchros in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. However, in two different vendor sites that speciallize on selling parts...
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    simply clutch question

    Hi people:please::please: I am changing the clutch kit and i dont know if the USDM ITR kit is the same as the JDM ITR?, my car is an EK9.... :please:tell me what do you think or what you recomend me!!!!:nice:
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    Help on deciding on a lightned flywheel

    I have an Ek9 with a b16b. I am deciding to change the clutch, flywheel and plate and would like to know if this combination would be a good choice. Fidanza Lightned flywheel (3.79kg) and Exedy Disc and Pressure Plate. Heres a link to the kit I am planning to buy: EXEDY CLUTCH & FIDANZA...
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    brakes question

    I was driving my ek9 ocer a sandy road and I pumped the brakes once and set it to neutral but the car kept stoping is there a system that does that or is it a problem?
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    what is best?

    i have a simple question..:D what suspension is better.? an eg6 suspension or ek9 suspension :nice::nice:
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    question about service manual???????????

    i would like to know where to find a service manual for the ek9 where i can see how to work on the car............ are there any websites where to find it or download it :nice::thanks:
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    Hello I Am A New Owner Of Ek9¡¡¡¡¡

    My Name Is George Hanania. I Have A Ek9 2000
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    I Am New

    Hello! Nice To Meet You My Name Is George