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    how north korea thinks americans live

    Got a link to this earlier. Quite scary that they actually believe thats how they live - North Korea tells its people how Americans live today Opinions??
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    toyo r1r vs. yoko ad08

    Thinking of buying a set of one of the above. Both come in at the same price around £80 each. Will be for couple of trackdays but maily daily driving. Anyone with opinions on these in dry/wet conditions. What about length of life? Cheers
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    anyone know "vtec" on here?

    Hi guys. Does anyone have and email address or contact number for "vtec" on here? Interested in something he has for sale and doesnt seem to have been on here for a month or 2. I have tried to pm him Thanks
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    buddy club spec iv exhaust

    Hi. Does anybody know what diameter the buddy club spec iv exhaust is? 2.25" or 2.5". Had a quick search and couldnt find my answer. Thanks
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    bonnet slide fail

    How NOT To Slide On A Car Hood Video Poor civic lol
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    td87u distributor

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get a good quality, reconditioned distributor for a facelift ek9(obd2b) Part #TD87U. Don't fancy paying Honda prices. Thanks
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    veet for men

    Found this the other day. A quality read! Customer Reviews: Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200 ml
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    SRS R60 exhaust

    Hi. Just wandering if anyone has any experience with this exhaust system? Any fitting issues, quality issues etc. I have searched and couldn't find a review. Originally wanted a fujitsubo RM01A but they're a bit out of my price range the mo and was wandering if this was meant to resemble it at...
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    b series outer gearbox casing/housing

    Has anyone got the outer casing of a b-series gearbox spare. Not the bell housing side. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    engine dowel pins

    Hi guys. Just wandering if anyone has 2 of the dowel pin that sit between the cylinder head and block lying around. Need them asap if poss. Its the circled ones in the pic dowelpins.jpg picture by ganjaz1 - Photobucket Thanks
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    b16b bore/hone

    Hi, I was wandering if somebody could help me. I have a b16b block which I am fitting c.p high compression forged pistons 81.5mm pistons. The piston wall clearence C.P gave me was 0.003". Does that sound about right? I was going to take it to machine shop on the weekend. I was wandering...
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    Hondata S300 obd2b

    As title really. Anyone got a hondata s300 obd2b they want to sell? Cheers
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    exhaust manifold 2.5in/hondata s300/cams

    Hi guys. I am looking for a half decent 4-2-1 aftermarket exhaust manifold with 2.5in flange, a hondata s300 ecu obd2b, a set of aftermarket cams(stage 2 ish) and a b18cR crank/rods. Hoping you guys could help me. I have a few parts to trade if anyone interested in a swap/doing some sort of...
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    b18c intake manifold

    hi guys. Anyone know if there's any difference between a b18c and a b16b intake manifold. Cheers