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    Dc2 subframe rack pas

    As above, need the full setup including the steering coupler pinion thing Closer to Birmingham the better, will only be collecting. No damage, no seized bolts or leaking racks ideally.
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    Various - Braces, Fuel Pump, Catch Can, Head

    Item for sale: Various Reputation: That_Civic Price: Below Paypal: NO Location: Halesowen West Midlands Condition: Below Description: EK Summit racing b-c pillar braces with main hoop (main hoop doesnt fit sunroof model eks, I ran it without) Missing main hoop bolts but easily bought on ebay or...
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    Why's his top up

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    Any good fabricators on here

    As per title, I need some work doing which involves tubing. First I need a tubed front end depending on price since the oem slam panel is plus £300. Will also be wanting a cage too, I'm sure there is someone on here who has done work on members cars but I forget his username. Would ideally like...
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    Fuel cells

    If you've got a fuel cell post it up, in car or in the oem position. Also what's a good company to go with that can supply everything I need. For my plans I more than likely need a fuel cell setup. Also, with a fuel cell, can I still get the level readings to work with my cluster ?
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    High comp + boost whats your take/experience

    I'm umming and ahhing about what to do with my k24 since its stripped back, part of me wants the n/a and part of me wants the boost. I was thinking running it n/a for a bit then boosting it but it will always have forged rods and high comp pistons 12/5/1 mahle pistons. I am lead to believe with...
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    Eibach camber arms - MSD HT leads

    Item for sale: as title Reputation: that_civic Price: No reserve Paypal: yes Location: Birmingham Condition: Good Description: As title Pictures:
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    k series rocker assembly

    Hi, Can somebody confirm is all k series rocker assemblies are identical? Reason being, the k20a2 head i purchased was disassembled but the rocker assembly was just left lying loosely and I believe some of the springs and pins are missing. I have my k24 head fully assembled and wondering if I...
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    Which dif

    What lsd is a good choice for a daily driver ? Do I go with a dc5 one or after market , don't want a noisy clunky one which I believe are the plated types, correct me if I'm wrong
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    Big Brakes

    Something suitable for my k24 build Looking at the wilwood midlites but seeing if anything is about before I buy new
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    Spacers on bucket seats

    Has anyone used spacers on their sidemounts to mount their bucket seat to a floor rail ? I purchased a set of recaro sidemounts for my Bride Zeta 3, the side mounts fit the seat but the side mounts dont line up with the floor rail due to the seat being too narrow. Would it be safe if I used...
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    -K swap parts - what you got -Low mileage K24 -typeR head or built head -K series Lsd box -Big brake kit, bigger than 282, ideally wilwoods -Mint Black dc5 recaro without rail
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    K Swap Rebuild EK

    I guess I will start a fresh new build, this time I will do it properly. So some of you may or may not know me. I have a frost white EJ9, yeah not so special but have had it around 5 or more years now, first car and all. It started life standard, then B18cr swapped, never took care of the shell...
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    Fixed back seat

    looking for a fixed back seat Needs to be black and either a Recaro SPG, Recaro pole position or a Bride. Must be genuine items with no damage. Money waiting for the right seat. As close to the West Midlands as possible. Also after K swap parts K tuned Hybrid racing.
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    Sticking new calipers

    so I've had put on new Honda calipers purchased from JSP and new cables and my calipers are still sticking What's the issue here ? I'm baffled. Bled new fluid through, we are missing the c clips that hold the cable service into the calipers but I doubt that's the issue plus if anyone has any...
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    Mint black dc2 recaros

    miss my old sets so want to buy some again, rather no rails if possible. May even swap my mint red ones for them if the Seller's interested. No sagging, no rips and no fading only.
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    What k swap parts ...

    Going to start buying parts for my k swap Would like my first purchase to be a k tuned shifter -GOT Then a dc2 subframe , arms , arb and power steering rack Whatever else k swap specified feel free to comment what you have.
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    Facelift ek9 digital heater loom

    ive forgotten the correct name of it but required to fit a facelift ek9 double din climate control into a pre face Same as a pre face ek4 sir too