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  1. 2Slow2Sensible

    When the fun stops

    So I was just tootling along and going about my way, when I turned left and then I knew, I made a mistake. suddenly, no drive, no brumbrum, no vtec and definitely no fun, I pull the car over only to wait with those deafening hazards on. Those hazards nearly drove me insane. But 4 hours later...
  2. 2Slow2Sensible

    EJ9 > B16a2 mounts

    Hey guys, I know this topic has probably been brought up a million times but after some intense Googling I have yet to get a firm answer. Basically, my 2000 EJ9 is getting the B16a2 from a 1999-2000 Jordan. I've got everything I need however the gentleman that is selling me the swap said that...
  3. 2Slow2Sensible

    WTB Stock EK4 B16a2 engine mounts

    Hi folks, In real need of a full mount set for a B16a2. Was looking online but the prices were ludicrous! If someone has a set knocking about (the cheaper the better. As long as they work as I'll be going for hardrace in a few weeks) please let me know with pics, condition and a price. Thanks...
  4. 2Slow2Sensible


    So the H22a7.. What common faults are there with these? What can be done for improved reliability (for track use) and what box would be best paired with it? I've been told the H boxes are made of warm treacle, so the S80 was on my mind. Bit of a broad question but hey :) Cheers folks
  5. 2Slow2Sensible

    Keeway ARN 125

    Hi guys, I know this is a bit of a weird one, but trying to help a mate out with his Keeway ARN 125 moped. He said it's a 4 stroke and not always, but sometimes when letting off the throttle for a corner or something, he can try and apply the throttle again but it won't respond. Apparently...
  6. 2Slow2Sensible

    2Slow2Sensible's rep

    Hi guys, I've never sold on here before but I have bought off someone on here before. Just making this space to get some rep going :) Cheers
  7. 2Slow2Sensible

    Citroen C2 VTS interior

    Item for sale: Reputation: (Will create one now) Price: £50 Paypal: Cash only please :) Location: Gilberdyke, Yorkshire Condition: 8/10 Description: Hi guys, I was planning on putting in the interior of a C2 into my civic to mix it up a bit, but I've been given some recaro's which I just...
  8. 2Slow2Sensible

    Insurance quote

    Could someone from one of the insurance groups give me a ring for my car quote? Getting really fed up of how high my premium is! EJ9 1.4i Mob: 07795074359 I'll give more details over the phone to any insurers. Cheers. (sorry if this seems spammy, just a bit fed up with having to...
  9. 2Slow2Sensible

    Seats with airbags

    Right, so I was thinking of putting Citroen C2 VTS front seats into the civic (they're surprisingly comfortable and hold me quite well) however the following has been proving difficult. 1: Need to weld the mounting brackets from civic ej9 rails to the C2 rails to make them fit and bolt down...
  10. 2Slow2Sensible

    Realistic price for an EK4

    Hi fellas, looking at getting an EK4 but having difficulties finding a standard one that's not rusted to buggery. What's a realistic price point for a standard EK4 on half decent mileage? Apologies if it's been asked before
  11. 2Slow2Sensible

    2015 Type R new trailer You're welcome ;)
  12. 2Slow2Sensible

    2Slow2Sensible's Daily

    Hi fellas, I'm making my little section for my CGP EJ9 :) Bought it as my first car and it has (after 6 months of ownership) just under 73k on the clocks. Bought it with 68k miles :) She runs great, no knocks or anything like that and thus far only major scare has been when I decided to fall...
  13. 2Slow2Sensible

    EJ9 wheel spacers

    What are the best wheel spacers? My rears look a bit... lacking haha, the fronts poke out ever so slightly so wont be touching them. Would want the rears pulling out about 10mm each side. Any ideas what the best wheel spacers are? standard 4x100 drums on the rear. Not fussed about costs...
  14. 2Slow2Sensible

    East/North Yorkshire (Selby/Hull etc)

    Looking for a bodyshop to paint a rear bumper I'll be picking up. Does anyone know of any bodyshops with reasonable prices? Or if anyone themselves that lives around me has the ability to paint? :) Clover Green Pearl is the colour I need the rear bumper and lip painting. Slightly melted...
  15. 2Slow2Sensible

    How much are they worth?

    Picked up some O.Z ultralagerra 4x100's 15 inch and was wondering how much they're worth. Need a refurb but I'll be doing that soon :) cheers guys
  16. 2Slow2Sensible

    B16 wiring harness / loom

    Hi guys, trying to get some sort of pricing (or an idea of one) for the entire engine wiring harness for a B16a / b I tried searching but couldn't find anything with a clear answer. B16 would be getting dropped into an EJ9 (inspired by shuthanbalas EJ9 lol :P) cheers guys
  17. 2Slow2Sensible

    Private Plate

    So I was browsing through a few days ago and found that B16 YEA is available. I personally can't afford it, it's around the £800 mark, spoke to one of my mates that's on here but he said it's a bit too much for him so just letting you guys know. It's up on click4reg aaaaaaaand thought...
  18. 2Slow2Sensible

    Modified Genius Fitness First

    Spotted: Roller painted mint colour EJ2 Blue EK4 EP3 seats Silver EJ9 All with 6two1 stickers on the back window :)
  19. 2Slow2Sensible

    Importing a DC2

    Hey fellas, anyone know of a reputable importer around East Yorkshire? (I live near Brough) I'm dead set on importing a white/black DC2 '98 I know Dunc is an excellent Importer but it'd be quite difficult for me to get down to him (although I could always organise vehicle transport etc...
  20. 2Slow2Sensible

    EJ9 - EK9 rear lights

    Can someone post up the exact rear lights on a pre-facelift + facelift EK9 along with a facelift EJ9 rear tail light set up? I'm getting a bit suspicious of my rear lights not being genuine......