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  1. wizardmanjm

    DM's EK9

    I don’t wanna be rude, but if you do not mind disclosing the information. What was the total cost when all was said and done with Torque GT? I’m in talks with them currently about locating another car from Japan
  2. wizardmanjm

    For sale seeker v2 spoiler

    If Ireloaded wants it I will let him take it, 4 hours drive for me and I’m being greedy tbf, already got a spoon wing arriving in couple days, just wanted the option to switch it up
  3. wizardmanjm

    My K20 EK9

    Maad, never knew you had such a hard time with it, it was fighting you the whole way! Hopefully all the bugs are worked out now and it’s just a life of hooning about instead
  4. wizardmanjm

    Track tyres for 15 x 8

    Since you saying this I managed to cop a couple photos of friends old wheel setups and they assured me they were 205/50 r15 on a 15x8. they looked pretty good tbf. Spoon have brought back the SW388 in 5x114.3 so I ordered a set. Cant wait for them to arrive. was going to wrap them in Nankang...
  5. wizardmanjm

    Track tyres for 15 x 8

    Anyone have an idea what width tyre I can get away with on an 8 inch rim without it being silly? Online says that minimum is 215mm for an 8 inch rim but I wanted to run 205/50r15 NanKang AR-1 I know this may seem like a stupid question to some but track tyres tend to be wider than road tyres.
  6. wizardmanjm

    Alternator Facelift EK9

    yes any B series alternator will fit as long as it has the correct 4 pin plug on facelift models. Try finding the correct one though its a nightmare. I have ordered the parts needed to repair it now so will report back if successful. I was preffering a replacement unit as its 55 quid just for...
  7. wizardmanjm

    Alternator Facelift EK9

    I’m up for a second hand one at this point. I’ve took it apart blindly not knowing what I’m doing exactly The brushes are worn on the voltage regulator so I’ll replace that but would rather a new alternator as I snapped 2 of the wires a bit short coming from the stator to the terminals Would...
  8. wizardmanjm

    Alternator Facelift EK9

    As above Need a good alternator for a facelift EK9. Not necessarily looking just for used Does anyone know a new replacement which fits and works from another car? I found a place that advertise this alternator and they’ve cancelled my order reporting that the manufacturer no longer makes it...
  9. wizardmanjm

    A few upgrade on they56 ek9

    Probably got fake wheels because the real spoon wheels are not made anymore and are near on impossible to find second hand too...
  10. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    That does make sense then. A real shame as he was a nice guy If it hadn’t have damaged the crankshaft key way I would have been okay with it. Obviously with the new pulley and key plus replacing the missing bolts I’m at around 250 quid down
  11. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    For all I know this could have been a garage timing belt job, I’m not going to throw hate at the previous owner even if it was his fault, I’m not particularly happy about it though I could get all angry about it, but on an old car I’ve forgot to torque my driveshaft on one side after an engine...
  12. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    So after removing my crank pulley to fit the new woodruff key and pulley, I noticed my crank key way was damaged. It’s only used to locate and does not require strength once the bolt is tight. But as an extra measure I used some Loctite 660 on the woodruff key. This glue is designed for...
  13. wizardmanjm

    Any Yellow EK4 or EK9?

    I bought that one buddy
  14. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Cheers mate, £200 for a pulley! Going to see if it just needs tightening first. Probably be a week or so before I can get working on the car again Hopefully get it working proper soon as I’ve got a show to go to with some mates
  15. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Exciting stuff is on hold, I thought all I had to do was a lambda sensor and service but today my car threw the air con belt and the PAS belt When I got home I noticed the tensioner bracket is loose, thought that’s a cheap fix if not free. Then when I kept inspecting I found my crank pulley...
  16. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Yes I’m showing off the mint spoon shocks and springs that came on the car! Anyway I’m currently in talks with Tegiwa imports about a batch of stuff so in a couple weeks I’ll hopefully be cracking on with that Couple maintenance things to do before I get to that
  17. wizardmanjm

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Haven’t time for an in depth update, but I got a cracking deal on a new spoon N1 rear section. A friend who has just left Hendy Performance. 1 left on the shelf and nabbed it for 300! So anyway, fitted that today. I guess you all know about it already but I will give my 2 pence. Sounds...
  18. wizardmanjm

    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    Stumbled upon this randomly, you don’t happen to know Steven Thomson? Drove an e46 M3 and a bunch of polos, one of which is a black Mk2 Turbo? I’m only asking as he also lives up in Aberdeen and worked in the oil industry
  19. wizardmanjm

    Steering wheel lock and other security

    Good point Klasse about a car cover being a disguise for thieves once they are in, never thought of that. Do want an alarm in the future, will also be removing the fuel pump fuse from now on just in case. I am getting CCTV straight after the driveway is sorted. Ive already had 2 cars broken...