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    JDM SPEC 98 Rear Upper Control Arm Question

    I guess everybody knows these from the Best Motoring Clips. The Spoon CEO states they added these for "easier handling". I would like to know a little bit more about these, they are shorter - I meassured approx. 3mm, mounting positions meassured - so obviously they increase negative camber on...
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    Facelift Front lip

    EK9/EK4 Facelift frontlip wanted. For a friend to buy it or trade it against a Pre-Facelift EK9 Front lip.
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    OEM CTR EK9 Non-SRS 35cm Steering Wheel

    Hi, Does anybody know what these go for? I can't find them on ebay in either current listings or sold/completed listings, at least not a decent/damage free model. ICB Motorsports shows 2 sold ones but then again no price, anybody saw the price when the listing was actual? This model:
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    Spoon Intake elbow

    Or similar replica
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    Bump steer data

    I'm looking for stock front bump steer data of preferably type r ek9 or dc2 or else any 5th or 6th gen model. Actually I have found the toe curves of a 5th gen through honda sources but they only show the curve but no data along so it doesn't say exactly how much bump toe out and droop toe in...
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    TD Pro Race 1

    If you have 2 rims in 15" 4x100 ET40-ET45 please let me know Thanks
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    Spoon EK9 springs

    Let me know how much you want for them. I also have ek9 springs should you need them back.
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    Backbox for EK4 Limo with EK9 Midpipe

    I'm looking for a new backbox that is P&P with an oem EK9 midpipe and the endtip should be long enough that it fits nice on a EK 4-dr, anyone experience with that? I currently have a OEM JDM Integra '98 4-dr backbox, which is p&p on my EK9 midpipe, but the endtip is still too short.....this...
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    Need a meassure on EK9 disc/knuckle

    Next time when someone is fitting new discs on their 9 can I please have the distance between disc and mounting-eye on the knuckle: Thanks! :))
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    EK4 vs EK9 ABS ecu

    Had this question in the back of my mind for quite a while. According to several sources EK9 should provide sportier ABS function and partnumbers of the ECU seem to be different too. Now has anybody on here ever switched those 2 ABS computers out on there own car and feel a difference...
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    Dan from Amsterdam - Honda thread :)

    Hi people, I'm Dan 44 years and Honda-fan for the past 25 years. I've owned and driven many, but still most attracted to 88-2000 models. I own a EK4 4dr for the last 7 years and a CRX VTEC for the last 1,5 year (my 7th CRX actually). And I recently sold a mint EG5 I owned for 9 year...