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  1. Roughsmoke

    EG / EF / EK / EP - PARTS FROM JAPAN: Genuine aftermarket USED goods (Yahoo Auctions).

    Hello everyone, We thought we'd make a separated post for USED goods as opposed to our other post for many of the brands we supply new goods for. Here below, you'll find some links for Yahoo Auctions that you'll be able to click/refresh anytime to see the latest listings. We've tried where...
  2. Roughsmoke

    Honda One Make Series: Original content.

    Hi all, A new video, or another video, up on our YouTube channel - Thank you for the ongoing support. If you wish to - drop a like, subscribe, and hit the bell to get notifications of when videos are uploaded. Here's some RAW footage of the recent RD.4 of the Honda One Make over at Suzuka Twin...
  3. Roughsmoke

    EG / EF / EK / EP - PARTS FROM JAPAN: Genuine aftermarket NEW goods.

    Hello all, Shimuzu here from Roughsmoke in Osaka Japan. **Great news that Admin (RVM) has confirmed our vendor status** We supply some 60+ brands from our Osaka office to customers worldwide. A brief list of makers that you might be familiar with is: Spoon, Mugen, FEELS, Zerofighter, Tactical...
  4. Roughsmoke

    Hello from Osaka

    Hi all, Shimuzu here from @Roughsmoke in Osaka, Japan. Had a couple of people mention these forums as they suggested some of you may need parts from the various makers/options we supply from Japan, so though I would sign up and say hello. So yes, we're based here and supply new and used...