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  1. EK9andy

    White EK9 Thetford

    Parked next to me at Thetford High Lodge today. Anyone here?
  2. EK9andy

    Ek9 rolling shell

    Is there any shells for sale. Needs to be rolling with interior/ loom for the lights. No requirement for engine parts.
  3. EK9andy

    Well this is a RARE example

    I never knew the EK9 was built in Blue :slap...
  4. EK9andy


    Anyone got one or know someone selling?
  5. EK9andy

    EK9andy *rep*

    Rep thread.
  6. EK9andy

    OEM Gear Knob

    As per title. Who's got one going??
  7. EK9andy


    My wife has been hounding me for a new car so to make way for her new Qashqai I need to part with my civic. Imported in 2010 with 122,000km it's now on 153,000km. The speedo and odometer still run in k's so it's all genuine milage. Import certificate has imported milage & backed by previous...
  8. EK9andy

    CW EK9 A17

    Heading Kings Lynn way around 13:45
  9. EK9andy

    Any motorcyclists?

    Do any of you guys here own 2 wheels? I'm looking at getting back on a bike, could do with getting some info on the new regs etc with getting a full licence.
  10. EK9andy

    OMFG Who's is this car??

    Just came accrosss this; :nerv:
  11. EK9andy

    205's over 195's

    Does anyone run 205's on their car? If so is there a noticeable difference in grip? Also are you running a lower 50 profile over the OEM 55?
  12. EK9andy

    Fog light surrounds

    Is there a set of the front fog light housings around for a facelift?
  13. EK9andy

    Mental Civic's

    Can't remember where this is but shizzle this is crazeballs. Note what looks like an sticker in the rear quarter window at 2:00.
  14. EK9andy

    Standard spoiler

    Has anyone got one really cheap?
  15. EK9andy

    Kanjo loop 1 film is here

    Just saw the link from Osaka JDM. So much civic!
  16. EK9andy

    Pad/ caliper confused

    I've just changed a rear caliper. The handbrake stud was shagged so I drilled it out not fitted the cable yet, could be the problem. But. I've tried to bleed the system but there's a gap either side of the piston pad & slider pad to the disc. Roughly 2mm each side there's also play on the...
  17. EK9andy

    Rear left caliper Ek9

    Need it by Friday & to be fully working. Money is ready to go :please:
  18. EK9andy

    Stick rear caliper (would youi believe it!)

    Can anyone shed some light on which of these calipers is the correct replacement? The part numbers are the same for the Integra too so I'm a bit stuck. Or can anyone get a serviceable caliper to me before the weekend...
  19. EK9andy

    Rota Slips 4x100

    Needed for my mates CRX MK2. Prefer black with some tires. Ta.
  20. EK9andy

    5Zigen header

    I've read that these are really good. Has anyone got one going?