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    Any more Glasgow meets ?

    Anyone arranging anymore meets around Glasgow before winter properly hits ?:) Heard of a general car meet on the 28th at linwood showcase, but its a halloween theme so think thats a miss.
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    Andy's EJ9 B18C4 build by Autobahn in Greenock.

    Right decided to start a build thread on my project. I bought it from a college pal in EK as he went for something nuts. It was a 1996 EJ9 in frost white. It has now been changed to matte black courtesy of Infinity Wraps. I purchased a B18C4 engine from a breakers yard and Autobahn Garage...
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    Cruise Irvine

    Anyone Heading to cruise irvine on the 8th july ? :)
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    New from Central Scotland :)

    Hi there, Im reasonably new to the civic life (had a horrible vectra before) Im from Central Scotland near Glasgow, Greenock to be precise. Looking to get to know some people on the honda scene around here. I only have an EJ9 just now......BUT i have a B18C4 waiting to be fitted :)
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    B18C4 conversion for EJ9, Anything to watch out for ?

    Right Hello, the search thing isnt working on my computer just says page can not be loaded so sorry if there is a similer post. I have a 1.4 EJ9 and was about to do a B16A2 swap when i found a B18C4 with gearbox driveshafts hubs ecu loom etc for half the price still in the car so i could test...