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  1. shah_jee

    Hankook RS-2 205-50/15"

    I have 1 Hankook RS-2 tyre. Only used for 30 miles, as the other partner tyre got kerbed and popped. So had to remove this and revert to the old tyres Bought from Camskill for £60, see link HANKOOK TYRES / TRACKDAY TRACK DAY / HANKOOK RS2 Z 212 HANKOOK R S2 Z212 HANKOOK RS 2 - 205/50R15 86W...
  2. shah_jee

    Alignment (Tracking) Specifications

    I have searched everywhere but unable to find the alignment settings for the ek9. The garage then tracked my ek9 to a standard honda civic 1996-2000 spec. Does any1 have any more information on this?
  3. shah_jee

    SRS Light

    hello my car was involved in a slight head collision. the srs light is constantly on, I have put in a new srs module, replaced the passenger airbag and driver steering wheel, and tried the reset srs light with a a loop of wire, found over the internet. this has not resolved in the srs light...
  4. shah_jee

    Hello World

    Im very delighted to finally find an EK9 forum. Was going to start my own forum, if i found the time. I have a EK9 late spec, imported in January, registered in July this year. Completely standard apart from Fujitsubo exhaust system and Hamp oil filter. Previously had CRX's, Integra Type...