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  1. TeamEmperor

    How to clean your EK9 like a pro

    I know some people don't know the best way to wash there car So here you go :) How to clean your car Like a BOSS - YouTube
  2. TeamEmperor

    Working on your EK9 Ramp advice

    Hi guys I want to start working on my EK9 again I use to work on all my old cars but find getting to the oil filter a pain in the ass on the 9. On the Evo I didnt even have to jack it up to do this:shocked: Tried axle stand but car doesnt go high enough & I always feel a bit sick being under...
  3. TeamEmperor

    Quick rear bushes & rear droplink question

    Has anyone changed there rear bushes & rear droplinks recenty & confirm I have the right part number as Im not sure if my parts list is up to date as been busy. Oem rear droplinks for the Ek9 Part number 51320-S04-003 OEM rear bushes for the ek9 REAR BUSH p/n 52385SR3000 Does the ek4...
  4. TeamEmperor

    How old were you when?

    Your EK9 rolled of the production line? I was 19 now 33 :(( Really puts in to perspective how incredible the ek9 is. Still looks brand new & runs perfect. The bloody car has aged far better than I have :D
  5. TeamEmperor

    Quick uk tax question

    Is everyone paying 6 months £121 12 months £220 cheers all:nice:
  6. TeamEmperor

    Anyone else wasted the nice weather cleaning

    I know I have:win:
  7. TeamEmperor

    TheBooosh ARC winglets

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Booosh for making these as I had just about given up finding ARC winglets. Just an idear to show people what they look like fitted as not seen anyone post pics up yet. Not the best pics as surprisingly hard to take snaps of them Just need to get the ARC...
  8. TeamEmperor

    Carbing Radiator Cooling Plate

    anyone got one?:)
  9. TeamEmperor

    Up close with my miracle

    No chance of missing when im in vtec :shocked: http://
  10. TeamEmperor


    Feedback please:nice:
  11. TeamEmperor

    ECU removal HELP

    Okay ive managed to source a spoon ecu I just wanted to make sure that when I remove the stock ecu that I do it correctly & dont break anything lol Ive circled red where I think I should remove/undo things & blue circle Im not sure what I do with them lol. What do I actaully need to...
  12. TeamEmperor

    Spoon Sports ETD

    Item for sale:Spoon Sports Engine Torque Damper Reputation: My Rep Price: £70 Delivered Paypal?: Yes Location: Devon, UK Condition: Used 8/10 Description: spoon sports torque damper in good condition odd small scratch will put pics up soon:thanks:
  13. TeamEmperor

    K20A face off

    Sorry if repost But love this video. love the banter between Tatsuru Ichishima & the drivers:lol: http://
  14. TeamEmperor

    Spoon ECU Facelift

    Looking for facelift spoon ECU anyone ? Cheers
  15. TeamEmperor

    EK4 price help

    My mum has retired & wants me to sell her EK4. I want to know how much to put it on for ? Details: Mileage: 80k 12 months mot 12 months tax Full honda service history Just serviced + new tyres + brake pads No mods (never had any) Condition Good- but does have paint chips odd light...
  16. TeamEmperor

    decat to b-pipe gasket question

    Okay on saturday I hope tofit my 5zigen manifold & deat to the car But I wanted to know about de-cat & b-pipe connection Basically the decat i have is seond hand & although still has the gasket on it ITs rotten full of rust & falling to bits. Im hoping the one on the car might be better but Im...
  17. TeamEmperor

    Something I Dont Recommend

    Cleaning a manifold :angry: This has to be the worse part of cleaning a car. I only did the part that will show in the engine bay as Im all about the bling yo :blabla: So please dont do this unless like me your a cleaning HO :win:
  18. TeamEmperor

    decat & jap-shop help

    Going to be putting on a 5zigen manifold 4-2-1 to mate up with my miracle fireball & want to put a decat on at same time Is this decat at the bottom of the page the correct one? Japshop Civic 96-00 DE-CAT Also how good are jap-shop do they deliver fast?
  19. TeamEmperor

    sunday drive video

    Went out with some buddys with Japanese cars today for a nice sunday drive http://
  20. TeamEmperor

    Cleaned underside of hood Engine cleaned & art added

    Finally got the important bit looking just as new as the rest of the car :))