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  1. B16Swt

    Car Guy Diaries YouTube Channel!

    Hey guys, A friend and I have started a YouTube channel called Carguydiaries! Doug and I between us watch a lot of car related content on YouTube, we've always admired the people who do it, and we thoroughly enjoy spending our free time watching their content! Cleetus McFarland Mighty Car Mods...
  2. B16Swt

    Genuine EK9 windscreen

    Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have one going spare before I have to get a ukdm one?
  3. B16Swt

    Gearbox oil advice

    Just after some advice on gearbox oil for my new gearbox. I've got an s80 with a kaaz 1.5way plated diff. I'm aware that kaaz do a special gear oil for it, is that what people use? I've seen people use a mix of an lsd oil and Honda mtf too. What would people recommend and how much oil also...
  4. B16Swt

    Traction bar for Ek9

    I’m looking for a traction bar for my ek9. Any bars considered. What have you got?
  5. B16Swt

    15" 8J wheels running a 225/45/15 thoughts?

    What's people's thoughts / experience on running an 8j 15" wheel on the front of an ek9? Too wide? Would use a 225 45 15 tyre.
  6. B16Swt

    Ek9 handbrake surround.

    As titled please :nice:
  7. B16Swt

    Scrap B16b /b18c block and cylinder head.

    Im after a block and cylinder head, can be totally scrap with no internals etc. I want it as a jig so I can make my own manifold and downpipe. :nice: Anything considered. Many thanks!
  8. B16Swt

    JDM Day Castle Combe - 10/06/17

    I'll most likely go, I've put a request for a stand for the forum. Let me know if you want a space. Sam
  9. B16Swt

    Track day at Castle Combe 25th February

    As above it's a Honda day run by Wham Trackdays which is part of the Vtec challenge. I did this trackday last year and it was brilliant! Very well run event. I'll be there with the forum flag so you'll be able to spot me! Come and say hello! Details below ......... Evening Chaps Thanks...
  10. B16Swt Sticker's for sale

    Hello everyone! I now have some Uk based stickers for sale in white and black. The price I have worked out is for X1 sticker, envelope and postage (Uk postage) I can post international but and extra £0.88 is required on top of the cost of the sticker. There is a £1.00 donation to the...
  11. B16Swt

    Hondata S300 ECU p28

    As titled, second hand if possible. Must be fully functional. P28 s300 Thanks Sam
  12. B16Swt

    Bolt on 3" exhaust options?

    Hey guys, my build is going well, original plan was to have a custom 3" system made. But I've had some extra costs to deal with :confused: so the exhaust budget has been eaten into. So I'm looking at 3" bolt on options. I see that skunk 2 make a 76mm system that looks decent. Anyone know of...
  13. B16Swt

    B16a oil filter housing bolt

    Hello guys, I'm after the shorter b16a type oil filter housing bolt. I'm removing the stock oil cooler so need the shorter bolt so I can put a sandwich plate in place of the stock cooler. Anybody know where I could buy one? Any help appreciated Sam
  14. B16Swt

    Need some bolts I'm missing.

    Im after the rear engine mount upper bolt. And the two small bolts for the flywheel cover plate.
  15. B16Swt

    Timing - interference.... Crank locking

    So I timed up my engine whilst it was in the car this evening, if you've seen my build thread you'll be aware of the spec etc. Got the belt on and marks are bang on. Went to do a rotation to check all was ok, and I only got about 90degrees crank rotation and I seem to have some interference...
  16. B16Swt

    Nürburgring Late season 2016

    Hey guys and gals, looking to plan a late season trip to the ring. It will be my first time there and I don't fancy taking my ek9 just yet, and for my first trip I'd like to go as a passenger. So what I was going to propose was that I take my van along as a support vehicle, so people can put...
  17. B16Swt

    TPS gasket

    After the small gasket for the TPS sensor. Anyone know of any Uk based sellers or someone that has a spare? Many thanks Sam
  18. B16Swt

    Rod stretch gauge tool and piston ring filer - All sorted!!!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy both items listed in the title, or even borrow them if possible:please: Or can you point me in the direction of a UK based company that sells these? Thanks guys Sam
  19. B16Swt

    Top Gear

    Anyone watch it? What did you think?
  20. B16Swt

    Essential engine building tools

    I'm going to be rebuilding my engine soon..... I've got some specialist tools such as: Dti gauge, Piston ring compressor / pliers Feeler gauges Micrometer's Torque wrenches Just wondered if there's any others that I'm going to need? It's my first full engine rebuild so I just want to have...