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    Breaking big spec b18c6 ek4

    Where are you based? Do you have contact number
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    Civic EK parts wanted

    Hello I am looking for ek parts such as full mugen twin loop exhaust Full mugen bumpers bodykit Ek9 mats complete EK9 carpet or what have you
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    JDM 98 spec DC2 CW

    hello would you swap cut out rear upper strut covers with uncut cover, I have oem rear strut brace to fit
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    Windscreen replacement

    Try ebay and integra dc2 forum plenty of breakers
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    Civic ek mugen bodykit kit wanted

    looking for mugen bodykit for ek civic as per picture
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    Civic ek9 wanted

    Genuinely looking to buy ek9 must be clean but may consider one that need tlc.
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    Windscreen replacement

    is it uk or jdm dc2
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    FD2/EVO 8/R32 GTR

    What did you buy fd2 or evo
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    Please post pictures of parts
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    EK Breaking

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    --FOUND-- OEM EK9 Pedals

    What is price for new set
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    Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

    i'll get a copy in morning
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    Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

    which magazine?
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    mugen twin loop inc b pipe and rear ek9 genuine bumper lip wanted

    I am unable to find correct stuart orr do you have a link
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    mugen twin loop inc b pipe and rear ek9 genuine bumper lip wanted

    as per title parts require
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    Crash Damaged EK9 Shell + Breaking Various Parts

    price for rear lower bumper lip, wind deflectors and 3 tinted glass