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  1. MotorMo

    B16A2 eg/ej loom interchangeability

    92-95 (OBD1) Civics have a different wiring harness style than the 96-00 (OBD2) Civics. Easiest way to swap the D16Z6 into the EJ chassis is to use the existing EJ engine harness on the D16Z6 - then modify that harness to fit the Z6 engine sensors. You would then also need to buy (or make) a...
  2. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    I've never had any problems with any set of Ferrea Springs/Retainers. I've ran two sets of them personally, on two separt different builds. Upgrading your valve springs is a worth while investment- keep those valves closed when they need it most at the high R's, even with stock cams. The...
  3. MotorMo

    B20 Swap is dead?

    A friend just swapped a B20 in his EG- got used to the power so he slapped a GSR head on. Long live the B20's!
  4. MotorMo

    Exedy spring failure

    Wow, looks like they were failing for a while before that one spring came out from its cradle, and probably locked you out of gear, yikes! That clutch looks worked! If your gona try for a warranty, try not to show the heat checked flywheel in the back round lol. But seriously though...
  5. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    Finally installed a wide band. Went with the PLX, as they have never given me issues in the past. I wanted to run the power and ground source on the same side of the dash- I used the power from the fuse box, (I found that EK's and DC's factory fog light connectors are the perfect fit, so I...
  6. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    Its the little things.... like searching for A/C caps that are Black that fit the Honda factory lines. After a month of sourcing, I found one from a Nissan, and one from a Toyota- not a one size fits all affair.
  7. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    Recent days I decided to swap out the stock mount set up for a mix of Energy suspension front lower torque inserts, and a Hasport rear mount. I figured this would be the best compromise of making the engine stay in place, but not send too many vibrations into the cab. The combo so far has worked...
  8. MotorMo

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    I've also seen the wire getting pulled out from the connector at the door hinge. Good luck
  9. MotorMo

    ek9 same motor mounts as dc2?

    The EJ9 that I have uses different front lower 'torque' mounts than a DC/EG. I would believe the same would apply to the EK9 as well. VS The rear motor mounts are all 'interchangeable' , 92-00 Civic's, and 92-01 Integra's. 2 point vs 3 point mounting point is a difference on the timing belt...
  10. MotorMo

    What’s up Just bought a ek hatch

    Hey fellow Nor Cal- welcome to the forum! Post some pics! Lets see this gem. What are you plans for the hatchback?
  11. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    Handled the finishing touches- She's up and running well. It would be a very long post if I noted all the small things that I did during this recent work. It was nice to make another wiring harness from scratch. They are such a pain in the ass lol. But it turned out well, and I'm happy with...
  12. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    And the games continue. Recent days have left me working on the rest of the plumbing of the cooling system. The Skunk2 manifold coolant port doesn't leave enough room for the clamp- So instead of finding a narrow worm style clamp, I simply did a little custom work to allow for the needed...
  13. MotorMo

    B18C high idle, slight hunt

    That's a fairly large 'leak' for it to idle hunt...I believe the 98 spec DC2 Type R throttle body does not have a 'fast idle valve' that other Integra's have. You stated your using an old throttle body- just a thought to make sure this T.B. doesn't have one. With Fast idle, VS No fast idle.
  14. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    I knew my engine had a lot of movement from the remaining stock motor mounts. While I had had the intake off, I decided to finally buck up with the vibration and replace my rear mount with one of Hasports. Super glad I did as upon inspection I found witness marks that showed me just how...
  15. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    Its been a while since I last updated this thread-- This month I am swapping out the GSR two stage manifold for a single stage. The obvious replacement was a Skunk2 manifold. Its "top of the line" , But when it arrived in the mail I found it was some what lacking in some very obvious ways...
  16. MotorMo

    Charging issues after swap

    I swapped a USDM B18C1 into a EJ6 (97 Civic DX Hatch). After wards I noticed some charging issues that involved head lights and dash lights dimming. No codes, no other symptoms other than 'knowing' my car and the feeling that it was starving for amps. I swapped my Civic ELD for...
  17. MotorMo


    Me as well. I love Hondatas interface and ease of tuning- but after a while of using it I began to see the benefits of a true stand alone, where you could tune the finer details like post start vs coolant temp. Its worth it if you want the most out of your bolt ons and IF there is a good...
  18. MotorMo


    I too have seen this and agree with what jesse888 says. It is something you can clean up with a tunable ECU I believe.
  19. MotorMo


    Agreed. it is safe to run slightly leaner at idle (maby 15.5 AFR) But you generally want it to be as close to 14.7 as possible. 20 AFR is would give me a scare if I saw that on my car. I have seen older and dirty AFR sensors give leaner readings until more air passes over them when the...
  20. MotorMo

    My B18CR Faclift EK4 SiR (Pic Heavy)

    Looks like serious fun. That EK is gona have a good life. Keep up the hard work!