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  1. Kipper

    Need advice on bodywork.

    R-Motion is a possibility. Civic coupe 1996-98 bumpers are the same, usually some OEM EK9 front lips floating around usual channels and all Civic 3dr bonnets are the same 1996-1998. But it would be easier paint wise starting with an OEM EK9 bonnet for underside if that is what you're thinking.
  2. Kipper

    alternator connector issue's

    That's a 96 spec JDM DC2 Alternator with square plug (Denso), You need one from a B18C6 UKDM DC2 (Mitsubishi) to be 100%, Others will fit but this solved my problem recently.
  3. Kipper

    Rally civic ek vti

    I know MSA don't like sliding rails, But OMP and Sparco do specific brackets which use orginal mounting point and you then bolt your side mounts on top of these.
  4. Kipper

    Electric Power Steering

    Has the rack been fully converted to manual by removing seals and fluid or is it just looped? And like @si8pny say's, The Saxo/106 pumps are popular but MR2 one's seem like the one to have.
  5. Kipper

    Buying an Ek9

    Rear arches, Arch lips, at bottom where skirt meets and where bumpers attach on corners. Aim here would be no damage, ripples, all spot welds on arch lip visible and a good bumper fitment. Front end panel alignment (Lights, bumpers, bonnet...) Not a massive concern as most have been taken...
  6. Kipper

    Exhaust manifold

    Both will fit physically, B18C/B16B JDM engines have a 2.5" outlet, B18C6 have a 2.25" outlet and B16's have a 2.0" or 2.25" outlet, Can't quite remember. That's the only difference, I'd aim for at least a 2.25" but preferably a 2.5". You will need a different Cat/De-Cat for the 2.5" though.
  7. Kipper

    Knockhill trackday dates for 2019? Any help from Scottish members

    Great fun Knockhill Stephen, What you planning on taking over? Think all cars are welcome to the Ford show day but they have two exclusive sessions for Fords during day. Hot hatch days run much like Kirkistown with sessions, They do open pitlane days but not as often. You may find more TD's...
  8. Kipper

    Newbie from ireland

    Welcome, Looking forward to seeing a build thread, Not the usual K20 these days either!
  9. Kipper

    2002 JDM EP3 horn issue & a cut wiring harness.

    Very strange, The japanese have a tendency to fit aftermarket horns and these may have been removed or originals have been damaged at some point. The wiring looks aftermarket to me though. I know the JDM EP3 uses the same ECU pin-out as the DC5, Unsure about fusebox and harness etc... if it's...
  10. Kipper

    2.5" Manifold, DC2 Alloy rad, Intake & Alternator

    After the above for my B18C EG race project. Not wanting to spend the earth really but willing to see what's around and after half decent quality bits. -2.5" collector 4-1 or 4-2-1 manifold -Tegiwa radiator or similar would be fine (Full width) -Some kind of airbox & intake, whales ***** or...
  11. Kipper

    Need some motivation

    Trying to build something with an old B18C to race in the future. Money & time, But justifiable if it's a hobby.
  12. Kipper

    My h2b eg6 sir2 civic/ headgasket blew b18 turbo time

    Never came across this build before, Good car and lovely spec. What was annoying about the H22a on long journeys out of interest, Gearing?
  13. Kipper

    D2 Lcas? Hardrace lcas? M2 motorsport lcas?

    Yeh have had a few different hardrace parts in the past, Never any problem with the bushings. Personally would go for stiffer rubber if it's going to be used a fair bit of the time on the road. Poly is stonger again but will increase NVH levels and are prone to squeaking, could be over kill for...
  14. Kipper

    D2 Lcas? Hardrace lcas? M2 motorsport lcas?

    Out of the ones listed I would go with Hardrace as their rubber bushes are probably the best quality and the price is reasonable. Function 7 are very nice and use a standard Energy Suspension poly bush, But are expensive and Skunk 2 are rated by some too, but again, relatively expensive.
  15. Kipper

    Mimms Honda Day July 2018 Photos

    I was down in my JDM EP3, That's cool :nice:
  16. Kipper

    Mimms Honda Day July 2018 Photos

    :nice: Car of the show for me, Interior looked as though Honda had rolled a one make racer off the production line.
  17. Kipper

    Mimms Honda Day July 2018 Photos

    First time at mimms and I was pleasantly surprised with both quality and quantity of cars there. Didn’t bother taking the Civic on track, but looked fun regardless. Disclaimer I am not a photographer and use an iPhone.