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  1. Zaid Loonat

    Help. Ek4 Jordan- Whats the brown port in passenger footwell

    This little thing wrapped in tape was found when searching for obd2 port for snap on diagnostic machine. Didn't find the port .... but I came across this plug When moved or agitated, my speed counter jumps up and down Also when driving the speedo and vtec sometimes stop working. But when this...
  2. Zaid Loonat

    147.7 BHP ON DYNO ! HELP !

    hey guys. Took my 75k miles civic ek4 Jordan b16a2 for dyno runs yesterday and it only ran 147 bhp It has few bolt on mods and one of previous owner was using it as a track car .... * AEBS INTAKE MANIFOLD (from the states) *421 manifold and full exhaust system with decat pipe I thought it...
  3. Zaid Loonat

    Civic Jordan #148 - please help - tracing history of car

    Does anyone know previous owners of this car ? I'm just trying to find out what mods have been done as I found out today it has a buddyclub short shifter ! Lol new to the ek9 org site :) hi !