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  1. ek4-2-ek9

    Mileage and year

    97 36,000
  2. ek4-2-ek9

    Ek9 Turbo

    Update on the car. Its with the fabricator having some bits done
  3. ek4-2-ek9

    Ek9 Turbo

    Yea that's the one. I'm just outside Exeter
  4. ek4-2-ek9

    Ek9 Turbo

    Hi Guys though i would share a few images of the nearly finished car. Been a long project and a massive financial hammering but will hopefully be worth it! I will post a full build thread when i get some time. Cheers Kyle
  5. ek4-2-ek9

    DM's EK9

    I'm in devon give me a shout if you fancy a drive out when the weather gets better
  6. ek4-2-ek9

    Brakes wanted

    Hi there Looking for calipers or a full front brake set up. Would like spoon brakes but open to any 4 - 6 pot brakes or anything to fit under a smaller wheel. Current brake set up too large Needed asap can collect. Cash waiting Cheers Kyle
  7. ek4-2-ek9

    Spoon Sports Brake Calipers

    Are these available?
  8. ek4-2-ek9

    Civics !!

    Hi guys . Thanks will get a thread up in the next few days . Here's a teaser . Cheers
  9. ek4-2-ek9

    Civics !!

    Hi Been on here for a while but never posted so new to the forum really. Have 3 Civics, EK9 turbo being built at the moment so will post up a build thread for everyone to see Cheers