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    EG6 UKDM Gauge Cluster

    Anyone got a EG6 VTi UKDM Gauge Cluster there willing to sell AND ship to the States? 8000rpm Redline & 145mph Speedo :thanks:
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    Max Compression before ECU Tune

    Quick question. Whats the Max range/up compression can you run on any ECU (P73 in question here) before you'll need a new ECU/Tune? Example: B18C5 - Stock Comp = 10.6:1 - P73-A0X Tuned for 10.6:1 Now how far can I push the compression before a Stock P73-A0X won't be able to properly run the...
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    Some Build Insight: LSV & Skunk2 S3's

    So it's been awhile since I've posted on here, but I've been around lurking and watching lol. I have recently acquired a DB7 so it's game on again until I get my hands on a EJ7 :D So for now just to get my feet wet I'm looking to do a LSV. Specs of what I'm looking at: - B16A PR3 Head - B18B1...
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    "The" HID Thread

    So I didn't see a thread where all the HID info/kits were put into one thread so I figured I'd start one as I myself are looking for a decent quality HID kit that has decent lighting focus and not throwing light everywhere but the road. I guess this is more of a review thread but anything...
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    Suspension Parts

    I see MFactory pop up a lot when I'm searching things such as LCA's and ARB Kits and such but I don't see them on your site? I see that the threads I see them in are between 07-08 but I was wondering if you folks still made them or if they were stopped production for a reason?
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    Extended Ball Joints

    I've noticed ALOT on that these "Extended Ball Joints" are often referred to as "Roll Center Adjuster". The Fact is that these "RCA" that are made for these Dbl Wishbone Honda's are just Extended Ball Joints. They do nothing for your Roll Center what so ever. They only thing it does is Correct...
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    Question for those with Spoon or MFactory Close Ratio Gears/Gear Sets

    Hello fellow EK9 enthusiast. Was looking for some feedback on the Spoon and MFactory Close Ratio Gears/Gear Sets. Specifically speaking the MFactory Road Series 1st Gear (3.070) and the Spoon 2nd Gear (1.944) Looking to make my own Cross Ratio box, somewhat. Main concern is if there is...
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    Motor Mounts

    Was wondering What Motor Mounts you folks run and hows the Stiffness/Harshness of them? I'm kind of looking for something that's nice a Firm, but not Cabin Shaking/Rattling like Innovative Poly mounts or the such. Did a quick search and all I came up with was Spoon mounts which IIRC only makes...
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    Is this true or just BS? Video: Sabine Schmitz Needs You To Help Save The Nurburgring - MotorAuthority
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    Picture Request: EM1 w/ CTR Enkei's

    Wasn't sure if this went in the Photo/Video section or here but I figured I'd post it here seen as this is Specifically for Wheel/Tyre talk. But as the Title says, looking for pics of an EM1, preferably standard Body with standard EK9 wheels on it, also preferably the Factory White. :nice:
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    Favorite V-TEC Crossover Video

    I know it's not an EK9 but I just have to share that this video is BY FAR, my Favorite video of V-TEC Crossover. Specs: B18C1 (USDM GSR) Skunk2 Tuner S1 Cams Skunk2 IM Skunk2 Valvetrain AEM CAI AEM Cam Gears JDM ITR Header Tanabe Hyper Medallion Exhaust Hondata YouTube - DC2 Acura Integra GS-R...
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    EK4/EJ6 & EK9 Spring & Strut Difference.

    Been looking for some info on this but couldn't find much of what I was looking for. Things that I have found are: Spring Rates: F/R in lbs EJ6 - 160/80 EM1 - 201/100 (99.8) EK9 - 240/240 (250/250 from what I've been reading are the DC2 Spring Rates) & Obviously the EK9 has Proper Struts to...
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    EK & EJ Exhaust Fitment

    So I did a little poking around but didn't find much on this topic. I wanted to know if the EK Exhaust would fit on an EJ. IIRC the Back Box should fit just fine correct? Now does the B-Pipe fit Also? I know the EJ's are a tad longer due to being a coupe so would the CAT/Test-Pipe need to be...
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    Bearing Clearance Specs?

    Does anyone know where one can go about finding a FSM for the B16B? Or at least some place that knows/shows all the bearing clearances and tolerances etc. :please: Thank you
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    Zenki & Kouki?

    I see that you guys go by Pre-Facelift (96-98) and Facelift (99-00). I was wondering if you guys also went by Zenki and Kouki? Zenki is Early and Kouki is Late. just wondering cause that's how the Nissan's and Toyota's were referred to when the Same chassis had a Facelift or update.
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    Hello from the 808 State

    Hello to you all from the 808 state :) Would just like to introduce myself. I'm originally a 240 owner (hides in corner) but I've always had a thing for the EK's and decided I would join and show my respect. I know what these are capable and it amazes me. I have been looking into an EM1 and...