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  1. feeesh^^

    radiator complete

    As the title says, I am looking for a complete cooling unit including fan, reservoir in good condition with plugs intact. Obviously only Ek9 speciffic radiators. Has to be in good nick with everything included!
  2. feeesh^^

    ek9 engine harness/clutch line brackets and lines (pre-face)

    all undamaged and uncut... if someone has something get in touch!
  3. feeesh^^

    how much does lowering the suspension affect camber?

    is it advisable to get a camber kit for both front and rear? cheers, benji
  4. feeesh^^

    Recaro bolster covers...

    Are they interchangeable? Left to right, right to left? edit: from left to right seat obviously
  5. feeesh^^

    Dixcel discs (PD,SD,HD) or possibly DBA items?

    Anybody have any feedback on durability for these discs? Intend to use them in combination with mx72 pads which are quite harsh. Thank you in advance!
  6. feeesh^^

    OEM strut bar

    Anybody know if the OEM bar will clear the K20a? Cheers, Benji
  7. feeesh^^

    windscreen trim

    Hi all, I was wondering if the trim of the front windscreen can be replaced with a new one without removing the glass? Anybody done this before, how did it turn out? Cheers, Benji
  8. feeesh^^

    rear inner upper arm bushings?

    quick question having my suspension redone and am replacing all bushings with oem/mugen items, i was wondering about the inner bushing on the rear upper arm. would it be a good idea to press the bushing in at an angle to accommodate the new ride hight after a suspension upgrade? im...
  9. feeesh^^

    Next Miracle X-Bar

    for Ek, must be mint . . .
  10. feeesh^^

    trust/greddy oil cooler

    hi all, is anybody running one of these on their nine? afaik they only have them listed for eg and dc. but i think it should not be an issue to run one on a nine right? any feedback/experiences would be greatly appreciated! cheers, benji
  11. feeesh^^

    OEM Ek9 door cards (manual)

    Hi all, Also looking for a pair of mint manual door cards. Please get in touch! Benji
  12. feeesh^^

    OEM centre caps and Ek9 cluster

    As the title states, I'm looking for a mint non faded Ek9 cluster that has not been meddled with! Also looking for a pair of OEM Ek9 caps, these also have to be mint! Thanks in advance, Benji
  13. feeesh^^

    Stanley headlight adjuster motors

    ... the ones that bolt in not the ones that clip (valeo) The things dont even have to work, as long as they can be adjusted manually I'm happy. Cheers, Benji
  14. feeesh^^

    Chassis Numbers

    Hi all, I need three chassis numbers so I can order parts. 1. - Rx 2. - Race base Facelift 3. - poverty spec (No SRS or power windows) Facelift If anybody can help me out, that would be highly appreciated! Cheers, Benji
  15. feeesh^^

    Ek4(Em1) / Ek9 OEM bushings ?

    Hi all, Does anybody know for certain if there is any difference between the Type R suspension bushings and those on the rest of the Ek range? Reason I ask, is because I want to replace mine and would prefer to order them in the US. Also, does this go for engine mounts as well? I know...
  16. feeesh^^


    Hi all the name is Benjamin or Benji... Just want to do a quick introduction of myself here. Im 27 years of age and am quite the car nut. :)) Registered to the forums because I love Ek9's and for some reason a lot of google searches recently directed me to this site for answers...