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    Ordered a few Gauge Clusters and a couple Tail Light Sets . Great Motivated Seller, Good Communication, Items were packed very good and arrived in the same condition they were described and shown in pictures. Will definitely do business again . Thanks IRF
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    Info on fuel injectors

    I'd jump on those ID725's. Doesn't get much better than ID.
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    Exhaust and Intake

    Bigger the better. Depends on who the manf. is. Some measure ID some measure OD. ID would be ideal. I was personally gonna use Dynomax as it sounds decent, flows very well and is easy to get. IDK what's available to you. For the intake my ideal setup would be a 4" VS to a 45* Reducer to a...
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    Exhaust and Intake

    To get exactly what you want you pretty much need to custom make. For intake I had pretty good results with the P73 Intake Arm and a 3.5" Velocity Stack stuffed in the front of it with a 6" Filter. No dump proof but head to head racing showed a small difference compared to the WP. I'm not sure...
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    Skunk2 B16a only manifold compatible engines

    If a Header is properly/purposely built for a B16A it will NOT clear any other Block besides an B16A Block. Proper length/clearance means it will touch when installed on a taller block. At the Very most MAYBE a B18/B20 Non-VTEC Block which is very slightly shorter than a B16B/B18C. B16A...
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    Exhaust and Intake

    CT would be my first choice. For the OEM DC2 Setup just know that the DC2 uses a slightly larger TB (OD and ID) so if you want the P73 Intake Arm to clamp nicely I'd get the matching TB. Very common misconception that the EK9 has the same TB as the DC2. It does not. Its the same as any B16...
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    dc2 springs

    Are you trying to order DC2 Specific Springs in Custom Rates/Drop or are you trying to fit Standard/Universal Coilover Springs to Standard DC2 Struts?
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    Clutch master slave cyonder.. eg5

    I'm assuming its the same Master used in just about every 90's Honda, Exedy/Daikin replacements can be had for under $20USD You can rebuild it but full replacements shouldn't be too expensive. I would think.
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    Yet, another S2K project

    Try an FA5 on for size ;) You may come back to the Dark side yet again lol.
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    radiator toggle switch how to do it?

    All you'd really need to do is find the Trigger wire for the relay and make a power circuit with a switch. That'll allow it to work like normal or power on whenever you flip the switch. The only time you need a relay is when your making your own circuit bypassing the factory relay. You don't...
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    EG6 pure track toy joy!

    Serious stuff going on in here. Wish I had the funds to do this to my EG while still being able to play with the FA5.
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    Mugen Airbox

    Those scratches look very shallow if not just surface. Go over it with some mild compound and a buffer and see how it comes out. If it still needs more correction you can try and go over it with some very fine grade sand paper and rebuff. In the even there are still imperfections that bother you...
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    dc2 exhaust on eg

    You can use a DC2 B-Pipe but you'll need a EK9 Back Box if you went it to be bolt on. If not you'll have to shorten the DC2 Back Box Pipe and the tip will stick out the bumper a good inch or so. EK9 Back box fits perfect. Got one on my EH2 right meow.
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    skunk2 inlet on b16b, good idea?

    If your not using any Valvetrain or Cams you wont be taking advantage of the Manifold. Stock Manifold suits the stock cams well. I wouldn't look into a manifold until you touch Stage 2 cams. In which yes a S2 Ultra makes great power. If that's it of your price range a ported P73 also does great...
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    best intake/exhaust upgrades for b series

    It works and it's fairly cheap :) And when you ready to start making serious power you can use a Vibrant or Similar rear muffler and put a short 2.5" Truck tip on it. Looks 99% like a Type-R muffler until you see the outlet is 2.5" and not 2.25-2.36"
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    Yet, another S2K project

    Wow has it been that long since I've been here? Last I remember you had a K20 Hatch. Never got to drive a S2K yet. I'm afraid I'll end up buying one LMAO.
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    b series intake/induction, what to do?

    I would say it depends on how good of a price is. Like I mentioned in your other thread the Standard P73 parts perform very well. The Mugen upgrade will probably offer a minimal amount of power while giving you a louder tone like previously mentioned. I would personally give the 3.5" Velocity...
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    Best springs on stock shocks? what are people using ?

    Spoon Springs, from a performance stand point the Spoons will to any springs previously mentioned here. Yeah they only drop the car ~.25-.75" but it's got proper rates to handle well. Eibachs are for looks only IMO, you can say softer rates handle better than Standard, just doesn't make sense...
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    best intake/exhaust upgrades for b series

    I personally think the OEM DC2R parts perform fairly well, rivaling or even better than some aftermarket parts. My personal setup I had on my Integra: Intake: Blox 3.5" Velocity Stack with Filter P73 OEM Intake Arm ( Yes the opening fits a 3.5" nicer than a 3.0") P73 Throttle Body Exhaust: 98...
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    EG6 UKDM Gauge Cluster

    Bump TTT