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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    anytips on how to remove that center console lol?
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    Rob's EK9 Progress

    nice:beer: how does the clutch feel now after swopping out the old the master cyclinder parts?
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    oem under bonnet stickers
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    EJ9 to EK9 Build

    5lug next :bow:
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    Trailing Arm Bushing Thoughts

    found this on another site:
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    Hi guys So ive had this annoying problem with my civic. Its always been pulling to the right. A few months ago i changed Upper&lower balljoints, rackends and tierods. After doing all this i drove straight to the garage to get my alignment done. On the way their the car drove STRAIGHT. The only...
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    davis94's Lightning Silver EJ9 Build

    awesome. can u perhaps post the partnumber of the gates powersteering and alternator belt?
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    Abs removal

    would removing the ABS fuse stimulate the same effect as removing the whole ABS system?
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    Fantasy Football 9q95al

    i just joined. even tho im from south africa :lol:
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    ARB Droplinks

    Hey Guys I recently noticed my Rear ARB droplinks are hitting my exhaust. If i remember correctly, front droplinks are shorter than rear ones? Could i maybe fit the shorter fronts on the rear? Or do i have to rerroute my exhaust :thanks:
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    Justin's ek9 build up / rebuild

    nice. why not just go with ARP rodblots?
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    GMB waterpump vs OEM

    i know of many people using GMB on their builds without any issues
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    Idle Problem... (I know)

    Check ur plugs:)
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    The importance of distributor timing

    i was always under the impression that u can advance the timing a few degrees for abit of extra performance. i know many people who prepare for the dragstrip by throwing in some higher octane fuel and advance the timing abit.
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    Correct Oil Filter?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated:nice:
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    Correct Oil Filter?

    Hey guys I recently went too honda too get me an oil filter. I asked for the 15400-plm-a01 oil filter but the filter they gave me is 15400-RBA-F01. I just wanna know if its the correct one as it seems kinda small too me lol. Thanks:nice:
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    Some Build Insight: LSV & Skunk2 S3's

    Should be an interesting build. Goodluck
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    A big favour guys...

    Hey guys Hope you all well.. Would just like you guys to click on the link and like my photo of my civic on facebook please? And be so kind to share it? Itll only take 1min.. So please guys thanks:nice...
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    Does this look a bit low??

    nice&low I LIKE:bow: