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  1. saxophonias

    EK9 oem suspension

    As the title suggests I need an ek9 oem suspension (shocks and springs). Needs to be in good condition. Sent to Greece Cheers!
  2. saxophonias

    Installing an ep3 srs wheel in an non srs civic EK

    Dear members, I own an ej9 civic with no srs equipped and I have always wanted to fit a non srs momo ek9 steering wheel. The sad think is that the dc2 equivalent wheel won't fit eks as we know and the ek9 ones are really rare to find not to mention in a good condition. So after having read...
  3. saxophonias

    Ek9 non airbag steering wheel

    Looking for an ek9 non airbag steering wheel for my ej9. Price depending on its condition. Shipped in Greece. Thanks in advance.
  4. saxophonias

    EK9 non airbag steering wheel

    As the title states, I am after a civic ek9 non airbag steering wheel shipped to Greece. Thanks a lot.
  5. saxophonias

    OEM EK9 photos

    Could you post some stock ek9 photos? Just want to see the ground clearance of the stock chassis and suspension! Thanks a lot!
  6. saxophonias

    Looking for EK9 stock suspension

    Hi there, looking for some ek9 stock springs and shocks in good condition posted in Greece. Thanks a lot!
  7. saxophonias

    ek9 muffler

    I am after a genuine ek9 muffler in good condition obviously, shipped to Greece.
  8. saxophonias

    Knock sensor

    I would like to know whether b16bs have a knock sensor on Thanks!
  9. saxophonias

    Why honda chose 4/5x114 and not 4x100?

    I have always had this question and I was wondering why honda chose this difference to ek9 let's say while having the ef/eg/ek pattern which is 4x100. The 5 instead of 4 has to do with the strength? The 114 does it have to do with geometry etc?
  10. saxophonias

    ASR 24mm swaybar making noise

    I have it for several years now and the first thing I got rid of was the endlinks for their unbearable noise they used to make. I put some stock ek4 ones and problem solved with no difference in performance. However noises came up again, and they come from loose swaybar bushings. Similar...
  11. saxophonias

    Ultra Racing Floor bars

    Ultra Racing Shop :: Honda Civic 96-00 UltraRacing 2x 3-Point Floor Bars :: S2 Automotive What is your opinion on these floor bars? Do you think they are worth it?
  12. saxophonias

    ek9 96-98 front lip

    I would like to ask you guys if anyone reckons how much the above lip hangs out from the lower part of the bumper. I am asking as my ej9 is already lowered and I am afraid that adding this lip will nearly touch the ground:(
  13. saxophonias

    MFactory dealer in UK

    I own a d14 ej9 and I intend to buy a helical lsd from Mfactory. I have been hearing only good words for this company and its products and I they are indeed very helpful with their communication. Still I want to ask whether we have a Mfactory dealer in the UK who can ship to Greece. Two reasons...
  14. saxophonias

    Enkei RPF1 15x7 4x100

    I am interested in these wheels, have to be in good condition and reasonably priced and finally shipped to Greece if not a problem
  15. saxophonias

    idle air control valve

    my ej b16b has some trouble with keeping the revs low(it's around 900-1000) and when it is cold the revs might drop and the engine turns of. When it reaches the right temperature it runs ok. I went to the garage and they told me that they suspect the idle air control valve, so i am thinking of...
  16. saxophonias

    window molding protectors

    I want to buy 4 window molding protectors as they have become hard and they rub letting the silver material come on the surface. They have become like this The car is a left hand side civic ej9 sedan, and i need 4 of them in good condition shipped to Greece. Thanks a lot.
  17. saxophonias

    Buddy Club +N problem

    i am having these coilovers for 3 years now and i can't blame them handlingwise. I have them on my ej9 civic sedan and my suspension set up is 26mm front swaybar, 24mm rear ASR kit, energy suspension bushings all over, custom top mount bushings (higher and stronger). My wheels are 14inch koseis...
  18. saxophonias

    ek9 rear end links

    i am looking for the rear ek9 end links of the swaybar. Need to be in good condition. Thanks a lot.
  19. saxophonias

    My ej2 b16b powered

    This is my new ride Freshly painted ek9 brakes dc2 steering b16b stock dc2 recaros s2k rims 5 lug conversion Zeal coliovers and some other bits. The car feels great Some things to do, is buy a better intake system, place a 60mm exhaust and dyno tune the ecu. Could it...
  20. saxophonias

    does spring preload make the coilover softer?

    This is the exact question. I have been told that by giving a little amount of spring preload in a coilover that is fully adjustable (height adjustment not through the spring but through the bottom of the coilover) you can actually make your suspension a bit softer. Can someone explain whether...