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  1. RyanDOHC

    Recaros, exhaust. Steering wheel

    Looking for cheap recaros. Exhaust and steering wheel. Recaros don't need to be mint. Looking for a non expensive exhaust , what's u guys got? Also in need of a steering wheel! Thanks guys!
  2. RyanDOHC

    Dc2 airbox , Dc2 & Ek9 steering wheels

    Item for sale: Dc2 type-r Airbox Reputation: RyanDOHC Price: £120 Location:Glasgow Condition: 9/10 Payment: Cash on collection or bank transfer. Description: dc2 airbox from an Integra type-r. Good mod and decent wee upgrade! Item for sale: dc2 steering wheel Reputation: RyanDOHC Price...
  3. RyanDOHC

    Few Items for sale.

    Few times for sale! Selling on behalf of a friend! Item for sale- DC2 Jdm steering wheel Condition - 7/10 Rep- RyanDOHC Location-Glasgow Price-£70 Description- Here we have a steering wheel from a 96 spec Integra. Some slight wear but great looking wheel. Item for sale- Ek9...
  4. RyanDOHC

    Js Racing decat

    Item for sale- Js Racing decat Rep-RyanDOHC Location Glasgow Price -£50 Condition- 8/10 . Will upload pics tonight.
  5. RyanDOHC

    Fujitsubo RM01A

    Item for sale:Fujitsubo RM01A Exhaust system full catback! Reputation: RyanDOHC Price: £400 (delivery price will be dependant on location) Paypal?:yes Location: Glasgow Condition:9/10 Description:Here i have for sale my RM01A system.Very sought after exhaust and provides a great sound. It...
  6. RyanDOHC

    Few Items for sale!

    item:B+C Pillar bar location:Glasgow payment:Bank transfer price:£150 delivered rep:RyanDOHC Condition:10/10 item:EK9 front strut brace condition:10/10 location:Glasgow payment:Bank transfer price:£50 delivered rep:RyanDOHC I will upload pics later!
  7. RyanDOHC

    Mugen Induction

    Item for sale: Mugen Induction Reputation: RyanDOHC Price: £300 NO offers + £20 delivery Paypal?:Yes buyer covers fee's Location:Glasgow Condition: 9/10(no scuffs,chips,scratches) Description:Genuine Mugen Induction ,very sought after! Considered the best Intake for...
  8. RyanDOHC

    2000 Ek9 Type-RX

    * The car has Race bace front seats that have been fitted!The car is now priced at £5600 for a quick sale! NO OFFERS!! Item for sale: CW Facelift EK9 RX Reputation:RyanDOHC Price: £5600 Paypal?: cash on collection only Location: Glasgow Condition: 9/10, Very Good!!! I have for...
  9. RyanDOHC


    Selling on behalf of Andy (Andy_redevo4) Looking to sell my engine set up out of my ek9. (kswap). Selling due to eventually moving out of the parents house and not realising how much i was going to have to spend. :( Keeping my car and will complete the project at a later date...
  10. RyanDOHC

    Regamaster Evo!

    Item for sale: 15" Regamaster evo Reputation: RyanDOHC Price: £800 Paypal?: no bank transfer or cash on collection Location:Glasgow/scotland Condition:9/10 (no curb marks or chips) Description:15" Regamaster wheels et 38 (i think) will double check fitments 5 stud(5x114.3) All wheels...
  11. RyanDOHC

    Strut braces for sale

    Item for sale: Front & rear struts Reputation :Andy_redevo4 Price: £100 for both (£10 for uk delivery) Paypal?:yes if you cover fee Location: Glasgow-scotland Condition: 8/10 very good Description: Front and rear strut braces for sale.Front one is DC2 brace not sure what the rear is.Both...
  12. RyanDOHC

    Regamaster Evo p/x for CE28N

    Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a p/x with my Regamaster Evo's. Looking for Volk Ce28n to replace them with.If anyone is interested please pm me and we can dicuss it further also i will give u details on my wheels,Just gauging interest.Thanks :nice:
  13. RyanDOHC

    Ek9 cat for sale

    Item for sale -Standard EK9 catalytic converter Condition - 9/10 Paypal - no. (Bank transfer or cash on collection) Location - Paisley / Glasgow Price - £50 + postage Reputation - RyanDOHC No pics,will get some up soon :nice:
  14. RyanDOHC

    Ek9 steering wheel

    Item: Steering wheel out my EK9. Condition: Very good, some slight wear on the right Reputation: RyanDOHC Price:£130 delivered ( will only deliver to the UK ):nice:
  15. RyanDOHC

    Fully rebuilt B16B Bottom end

    Posting on behalf of a friend. For any more information on the parts for sale please contact Kev_coupe.cheers. Item for sale: EK9 B16B Bottom end :drive: Price: £600 Location: Glasgow (west of scotland) Condition: Fully rebuilt Description: Selling this to fund an upgrade to a...
  16. RyanDOHC

    Bride vios III + buddyclub super low rail

    Item for sale: Bride Vios III low max fixed bucket seat & buddy club super low seat rail Reputation:RyanDOHC Price: £300(seat alone) £120 (Rail alone) £370 (both together) (no,cash on collection or bank transfer) Condition: 10/10-Only 4 months old (seat)...
  17. RyanDOHC

    B18c (98 spec ITR) stage 2, ITB's....

    Hi Guys ,posting this on behalf of a mate.If anyone has any questions or general enquiries about the engine & parts available please contact Andy. His mobile number will be at the bottom,please avoid late night calls or witheld numbers!! No time wasters or dreamers. Andy is on the forum and his...
  18. RyanDOHC

    Some help please!

    Yo dudes, looking for 2 rear EK9 carriers for the calipers .Need them today ASAP! me and a few mates are doin some work on an EK9 and these parts are needed to complete the job,As close to glasgow if possible! Anyone with any information in regards to an EK9 being broken in the local area please...
  19. RyanDOHC

    Some help please!

  20. RyanDOHC

    One last Blast.....

    Hi guys,as most of you will know i put my EK9 into my unit for dry storage for the coming months.It has been in there since the start of september and been getting various parts fitted for its return next year! .........however.................... I woke up this morning and seen what a...