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  1. saxophonias

    Parts For Sale

    Any rear bar strut bar?
  2. saxophonias

    EK9 oem suspension

    Thank you for your offer but i am after the ek9 ones :)
  3. saxophonias

    EK9 oem suspension

    As the title suggests I need an ek9 oem suspension (shocks and springs). Needs to be in good condition. Sent to Greece Cheers!
  4. saxophonias

    small annoyances on your ek9's

    Has anyone tried to insulate the car for the annoying rattles?
  5. saxophonias

    B16A2 eg/ej loom interchangeability

    To swap the d16z6 in the ej9 chassis, if it was the obd2a version, you should also swap an ek3/4 loom and then a conversion harness from obd2 to obd1 correct? If so the b16a2 from the eg donor car will be easy to swap in the already modified ej9 loom.
  6. saxophonias

    1996 EK Wagon a.k.a The Orthia

    Very rare! We are used to the MB series vagon series which is more sensible to my eyes!
  7. saxophonias

    Red Recaro bolster covers WARNING ⚠️

    not genuine and still so expensive?
  8. saxophonias

    Replacement / Replica EK9 Mats

    You could make custom ones I guess, pretty easily at a local shop who does custom seat covers for example. Oem ones are ridiculously priced..
  9. saxophonias

    My D16 99 EJ9

    any problems with the ecu wiring?
  10. saxophonias

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Do you recommend the itr box? Do you still have it?
  11. saxophonias

    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Great looking ferio! Are you satisfied with the itr airbox? Want to replace my apexi open air filter with this one. The willwood calipers won't fit a 14inch wheel right?
  12. saxophonias

    ek4 ek9 anti roll brackets

    You don't mean the end links right? End links are all same pattern and size in the rear swaybar, as for eks
  13. saxophonias

    Installing an ep3 srs wheel in an non srs civic EK

    I have been told to wire the horn using extra button but i find it ridiculous and unsafe to be honest. Maybe a complete steering column i guess. I can source it for 60e. So no experience in this i guess, right?
  14. saxophonias

    Installing an ep3 srs wheel in an non srs civic EK

    Dear members, I own an ej9 civic with no srs equipped and I have always wanted to fit a non srs momo ek9 steering wheel. The sad think is that the dc2 equivalent wheel won't fit eks as we know and the ek9 ones are really rare to find not to mention in a good condition. So after having read...
  15. saxophonias

    Ek9 non airbag steering wheel

    Anyone? Any other suggestions?
  16. saxophonias

    Breaking big spec EM1 coupe,high comp b18c,Mfactory,Status,Bc, Sk2

    Is the steering wheel for sale?
  17. saxophonias

    Ek9 non airbag steering wheel

    Looking for an ek9 non airbag steering wheel for my ej9. Price depending on its condition. Shipped in Greece. Thanks in advance.
  18. saxophonias

    Breaking my phoenix yellow K24 EK9 TE37, Nitron, Wilwood, Recaro

    Any chance you still have the ek9 steering?