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  1. Saxby

    She's sold now :(

    well the ej9 has now sold, even though I had all the plans in the world it got used too much and needed a 5 door to fit the family in. This is one of the best forums I've been on (and I've been on a lot). I've got one final question, I've not posted the 250 posts needed to open a for sale...
  2. Saxby

    Toyo proxes cf2's

    Has anyone got any experience of these? I want a mid range tyre that has at least a little bit of grip. But at the same time can't spend hundreds. Can get these fitted etc for around £150-160. Only other tyres I'm tempted with in price range are hankook Ventus v12's had them on an old car of...
  3. Saxby

    How do delivery companies do it?

    How do they know the exact time I'm going to work and the wife is going out so they can turn up 3 minutes after :( missed my new wheels by 3 mins yesterday.
  4. Saxby

    15x7 et 35 pic request

    As title. Looking at getting some 15x7 with an offset of 35. Not managed to find any proper pics, if anyone is lowered on eibachs too that would be awesome. Many thanks. Ps if you could let me know tyre sizes too as I can't decide what to go for.
  5. Saxby

    D14a4 to d16w4

    First off I know everyone will say don't do it get a b series but tbh I can't afford a b series, as much as I'd like one, its just too much considering I have found this 83kw d16 with Ecu wiring loom, shafts, linkages etc for £150 delivered. (Couldn't even get a b series block for that) Just...
  6. Saxby

    New alloys centre bore 1mm too big.

    As title, I'm looking at buying some alloys but they have a centre bore of 57.1 so they're 1mm too big ( correct me if I'm wrong please) just wondered a couple of things 1. Would it make a difference being 1mm to large? 2. Where the hell can I find some spigot rings that small? Much love
  7. Saxby

    White mark removal

    I've got these white marks in various places all over the car. Quite often a hand print?! I've used AG super resin Polish which improved them a bit but don't want to go over same spots over and over. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. Saxby

    Saxby's EJ9 budget build

    Thought I'd start a build thread it'll be a slow build as this is a second car and a bit of a car to learn on. I've always loved cars but never done anything other than easy maintenance and not like brakes, change exhaust, change grilles etc. and as my little ej cost me £150 I'm happy to...
  9. Saxby

    Newbie ej9 owner from Hampshire

    Recently picked up my ej9 although I got it the day it ran out of mot and needs a little work (only a cv joint and and couple of tyres) just to get it on the road but cost me £150 so I can't really complain. It's a bit tatty needs a tidying up and 2-3 small spots of rust to sort but nothing...