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  1. Jack_ej9_b16a2


    Hi all, quick question does anyone run 15x7.5 et26 wheels and have any photos? Thanks
  2. Jack_ej9_b16a2


    Hello all! Just a quick question. Is anyone running 15x7.5 wheels with a et26 off set and got any photos? Thanks!
  3. Jack_ej9_b16a2

    Exhaust upgrade

    Hi all I’m looking to either get the buddy club spec 3 or the skunk 2 megapower r exhaust. Not sure which to go for anyone able to give an opinion on what’s best. I’ve already got a spoon n1 rep and I’m only looking at getting the buddy club or skunk 2 Thanks
  4. Jack_ej9_b16a2

    Idle issue

    Hi all new to the forum need some help! Have a b16a2 swapped ej9 and I’m having high idle issues. It’s sits about 1500 rpm and then if I turn it off and back on it can sit under 1000 rpm but it’s been getting worse. Also it has a slight misfire and pops and bangs a lot. It can run good at...