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    Supercharged EK9

    Ive decided to re do my advert as my last one was a half attempt because of my new busy life style. Ive had the usual tyre kickers call me as I fully expected but i hope this time i can get some serious interest and move this car on to its new owner. I love this car very much but I now work a...
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    Supercharged EK9

    Ive decided to sell up as i dont use the car anymore, ive now got a comapny car and just feel its a waist to have this car and not drive it Spec as follows C's Compressor 440cc injectors Walbro fuel pump DTA S40 Stand alone management ARP Head Bolts Skunk2 Racing stainless steel...
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    my new charged ek9

    well since getting the ew car back from henrys last week where he mapped it, ive been doing bit by bit and today i spent most of the day cleaning her so i have a few pics to share Spec so far: C's Compressor 440cc injectors DTA S40 Stand alone management 4-1 jasma stamped manifold...
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    2000 W Ek9 Type Rx

    have decided to sell my pride and joy after owning the car for just over a year now, I am the first uk private owner. I have loved this car since day one and still love driving the car to this day. I am selling the car so that I can buy my first house and also a run about for the time being...
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    hey guys

    Hi guys, first of all had a look round the forum and looks awsome. ive been a honda owner for a while now untill a drunk driver decided to wreck my pride and joy ek vti jordan. the car has been declaired a total loss so im not on the look out for a new car and wat a place to start i am...