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    Hi guys So ive had this annoying problem with my civic. Its always been pulling to the right. A few months ago i changed Upper&lower balljoints, rackends and tierods. After doing all this i drove straight to the garage to get my alignment done. On the way their the car drove STRAIGHT. The only...
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    ARB Droplinks

    Hey Guys I recently noticed my Rear ARB droplinks are hitting my exhaust. If i remember correctly, front droplinks are shorter than rear ones? Could i maybe fit the shorter fronts on the rear? Or do i have to rerroute my exhaust :thanks:
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    Correct Oil Filter?

    Hey guys I recently went too honda too get me an oil filter. I asked for the 15400-plm-a01 oil filter but the filter they gave me is 15400-RBA-F01. I just wanna know if its the correct one as it seems kinda small too me lol. Thanks:nice:
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    A big favour guys...

    Hey guys Hope you all well.. Would just like you guys to click on the link and like my photo of my civic on facebook please? And be so kind to share it? Itll only take 1min.. So please guys thanks:nice...
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    clicking sound when releasing clutch

    whenever i push the clutch back in while i reverse, i hear this clicking sound. what can it be?:angry2::angry2:
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    my ek4 (:

    Hey guys I've been on this forum for awhile now, and suddenly thought, today is the day i show her off to u guys. I got her when i was 17:D.. Im currently 19 now. Recently finished school and working for my dad. So mods are coming quite slowly:angry: Only mods are: 2,25inch exhaust...
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    Squeak Squeak

    Sup guys My ek4 has begun squeaking on the passenger side front. I have already sprayed some lubricating spray on the bushes and other places, which took the sound away for awhile, but now its back. Anyone know what the problem is? The sound is really beginning to drive me insane. Thanks
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    Trouble starting

    Well my civic has for awhile been struggling to start. When i got a full tank of petrol, its starts with no problem. But when the tank starts to go abit lower than half its struggles. What do you guys think? Fuel filter? Tnx
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    Rear wiper grommet

    Sup So i have removed my rear wiper and installed the grommet from the firewall next to the battery. Problem is, its abit too big. DOnt Honda perhaps have an OEM one rather? OEM Honda 96-00 Civic EK Hatchback Rear Wiper Block Off Delete Plug Cap Grommet | eBay At the bottom it says...