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  1. TypeR87

    The future of Honda?

    Hi guys, Does anyone work for, or know anyone that works for Honda? I have an EK9 but im looking at a 2007 Civic i-CDTi Type S GT as a daily car for a bit of practicality. However, last night my friend said there is no point in buying a Honda as there is a big chance they are about...
  2. TypeR87

    So, what do you do?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I look through all the builds and projects and some of the amazing, stunning cars that are out there and was curious, what do people do for work? I personally cant go into too much detail but i work in Security and bust my ass for 12 hours day and...
  3. TypeR87

    Exhaust b-pipe

    Hi all, Took my car to a friend to get Neil's N1 replica fitted... excited! Until the original backbox was removed and the flange is rotting away. The company who ordered the new b-pipe keep coming up short in length so i was wondering, instead of having to wait around for a new oem one...
  4. TypeR87

    C/W EK9, Green wheels - M25 (southbound)

    Spotted yesterday, and this person knows they were spotted too lol car looks awesome!
  5. TypeR87

    DC2 Tegiwa Airbox

    Anyone else had any experiences with fitting the tegiwa intake for the DC2? Just wanted to say thanks to R-Motion for once again being extremely helpful and providing the standard DC2 pipe and giving my engine bay a quick blast. After removing the resonator and fitting the air box it...
  6. TypeR87

    New from the UK

    Hello, Im Garry, 23 and I have owned my 1997 EK9 for some time now. I love it to bits, everytime i sit in the drivers seat and take it out for a spin, however bad the day was... always puts a smile on my face :) About 56,000 miles on the clock and UK Spec DC2 wheels, apart from the...
  7. TypeR87

    LCA's or Droplinks?

    Hi, I have had an ongoing problem with a knocking noise coming from the rear suspension, even if i go over a slightly uneven surface or bump in the ground it makes the knocking noise which is pretty distracting now... after reading on the forums i wondered if its going to be my LCA's or...
  8. TypeR87

    Cobra 6422 Alarm problem?

    Morning Guys, I have a 1997 EK9 and the Cobra 6422 alarm was installed back in 1998, so it is extremely old. The problem initially only happened once where i tried to turn the ignition on maybe up to a year ago and there was nothing but the starter motor ticking, since then i have had no...