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  1. TypeR87

    The future of Honda?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I didnt think they would... I think its because I live in Swindon where they have just laid off a load of staff and as my mate works for BMW and that is the ONLY make of car he will buy... he was probably just being biased! :) So, one more question then...
  2. TypeR87

    The future of Honda?

    Hi guys, Does anyone work for, or know anyone that works for Honda? I have an EK9 but im looking at a 2007 Civic i-CDTi Type S GT as a daily car for a bit of practicality. However, last night my friend said there is no point in buying a Honda as there is a big chance they are about...
  3. TypeR87

    Paul Walker’s Crew Busted for Faking his Death

    I'm sure a lot of us would love for it to be true, for him to be alive... but I agree, its a load of BS and we just need to respect the fact that he died doing what he loved doing and we shouldnt be sad that hes gone, but remember the good that he did (charity etc) and hope someone continues his...
  4. TypeR87

    Donations Thread

    $5 from me (10/12/2013)... will add more next payday :)
  5. TypeR87

    Banzai Magazine Car of the Year 2013, spare 2 mins?

    Alright Matt, You've got my vote.
  6. TypeR87

    The New Type R.

    You guys might find this read interesting... Honda have confirmed that the next generation Civic Type R will be the first ever turbo model, pushing up to 300 BHP. "Historically, Tyre R’s have always featured a naturally aspirated, high revving VTEC engine. Honda are hoping the new turbo...
  7. TypeR87

    So, what do you do?

    A lot of interesting jobs on the board! I did however forget to mention that I am currently going through the application process of becoming an Air Traffic Controller. I also do graphic/web design and photography.
  8. TypeR87

    So, what do you do?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I look through all the builds and projects and some of the amazing, stunning cars that are out there and was curious, what do people do for work? I personally cant go into too much detail but i work in Security and bust my ass for 12 hours day and...
  9. TypeR87

    Christmas ideas for the girlfriend!

    Sexy lingerie... its basically a "win win" situation... a Xmas present for you both ;) EDIT: Lingerie for her... not you :|
  10. TypeR87

    900 bhp k20 turbo mr2!

    Video did say: "GT-R Later found a large boost leak on the car"
  11. TypeR87

    Bieber to replace Paul Walker in the new FAF?!

    Luckily.... I have found what we are all hoping for: Paul Walker's brother Cody Walker asked to step in to film final scenes of Fast & Furious 7 | Mail Online
  12. TypeR87

    Bieber to replace Paul Walker in the new FAF?!

    I would 100% boycott the future of F&F if they were to allow Justin Beiber to have ANY part in any of the movies. They have a brought on a new director (James Wan - The Conjuring, Saw etc) so I am hoping that he also wouldnt even give this a first thought, let alone a second one. The...
  13. TypeR87

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    I think we should make an EK9 crew so we can all mess around together online, makes it so much more fun :)
  14. TypeR87

    22,235 members!!!! + Donate plz

    Ive used this website for many years with little posts but I have sent $5 and will send more after christmas to help keep alive! :)
  15. TypeR87

    Honda Craze Barbados - JDMSquared

    Nice pics, nice cars! I am going to Barbados next June... when do they do events like this?
  16. TypeR87


    Received my Replica N1. Kept me up to date with the transaction and then the tracking of the parcel. Very patient and willing to answer any questions and responded really quickly. Was a pleasure and would happily do business again :nice:
  17. TypeR87

    Exhaust b-pipe

    Well I got back to the garage and they managed to fit the new exhaust and hold it together (for now lol) probably has a month or 2 left. Funnily enough they mentioned about getting a custom made b-pipe actually so can you recommend any companies that I can google to see if anyone is local?
  18. TypeR87

    Exhaust b-pipe

    Yeah, looks as though they have made it to the UK spec as it looks about 6 inches shorter and the adjustable decat extends to 6 inches. The only problem is the whole decat and MOT scenario so i have got the b-pipe back on and the exhaust and its not really blowing, i'll order it directly...
  19. TypeR87

    Exhaust b-pipe

    Thanks RobbieD, Maximum length from the one on funky power is 15cm (6inches) Trying to get hold on an OEM b-pipe is proving to be pretty hard! After sitting here researching i am tempted with the spoon b-pipe but no-one has one for sale at the moment.
  20. TypeR87

    Exhaust b-pipe

    Hi all, Took my car to a friend to get Neil's N1 replica fitted... excited! Until the original backbox was removed and the flange is rotting away. The company who ordered the new b-pipe keep coming up short in length so i was wondering, instead of having to wait around for a new oem one...