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    WANTED - s4c or S80 LSD gearbox

    Hey all, As above chaps, after an S80 or s4c with an lsd box. My input shaft bearing has **** itself and I want one to tick me over while I rebuild my own! Preferably a 4.4 final drive but not too fussy! Thanks Jake
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    What model is my type R?!

    Hello all, I've got myself an 2000 reg EK9 which has wind up windows abs, no fob I've been told it's a lightweight but I'm not too sure Any help would be appreciated!
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    Recent ek9 buy and noticed front end damage!

    Hello all, Recently purchased an ek9 chasis is EK9-1202422, White, June 11, UK, FJC car when I went to see it I fell in love being all original even with Aircon still installed! I checked all the usual and was very happy with the bodywork condition just a bit of surface rust underneath...